Development Watch: City Tech Tower, Take 2

When several blogs (including this one) ran with a titillating rendering of the tower that Forest City Ratner and City Tech are planning to build at the corner of Tillary and Jay Streets in Downtown Brooklyn last week, a spokesman for the school protested that the rendering was out of date, something that DBP’s Joe Chan echoed. Blogger McBrooklyn has dug up a more current rendering of the Renzo Piano-designed project from the City Tech website today. It’s a less vivid potrayal, but it doesn’t look all that different to us in terms of scale or design. What do you think?
Klitgord’s Climax: 1,000 Vertical Feet [Brownstoner] GMAP
You Compare: City Tech ‘Old Model’ to City Tech ‘Today Model’ [McBrooklyn]

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  • 5 to 2 odds this never gets built.

  • I liked the yellow in the older rendering…

    Either way, I think it is great and appropriate for the location.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Unclear whether or not it gets build (there’s an article in the Daily News today about the parents at the nearby high school complaining about the “noise” and “pollution” that construction would cause), but if it does happen, it would be great. As 12:07 mentioned, its a great location (non-residential right at the foot of Metrotech). I get a bloody headache listening to these NIMBY’s complain about every single development project in store for the neighborhood…lordhavemercy, you just can’t win with these people!!

  • Great location for that sort of project, but for heaven’s sake get a different developer than Ratner.

  • Yawn

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • Looks the same…to bad… I was hoping it would be taller

  • I like the first rendering better (i.e. yellow sides). Though, I did worry about how they were to get that yellow color. Was it going to be paint, yellow brick/masonary? What about fading? I would have like a very bright yellow, almost a gold color.

    I really hope this gets built. As far as these irrational NIMBYs – those that have no vision for the physical and economic growth for their communities do what people like these have always done; complain, complain, complain like the fools they are.

  • For those of us that are in favor of the development and that ACTUALLY LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, I think that’s its very important that our elected leaders hear our voice just as louder or louder than the voice of the NIMBY’s. Wackos like FUREE (“Freaks United for a Return to Economic Empoverishment”) can’t be allowed to determine the future of Downtown Brooklyn. It’s a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion…but if the only voice that’s heard is the NIMBY voice, the actual decision makers will think that they speak for all of us in Downtown Brooklyn.

  • @1:27.
    I live in Downtown Brooklyn and agree with you. NIMBY’s complaining about noise and dust from construction if this proposal gets built? How else does one build a building? If these luddites know of a better, cheaper way to do construction in NYC, by all means tell us.

  • I own a vacant lot nearby in Boeurum Hill and am restricted to building no more than 40 feet high. Sure must be nice to have $$$ to make campaign contributions so that our elected officals can be your friends.

  • I like the original rendering better.

  • 1:43

    The purpose of zoning laws is not to build strong communities or help the city, but to make the big players in real estate rich without risk. If every joe schmoe in the city was allowed to get a loan and build a 50-story high rise on his land, suddenly you’d have no shortage for housing/office/warehouse whatever and the rich families would have to be content with investing in bonds.

    The entire system reaks of corruption and denies every citizen equal protection under the law. In this case, the law favors the few who have the money to bribe and/or buy parcels with favorable zoning.

  • “If every joe schmoe in the city was allowed to get a loan and build a 50-story high rise on his land…”

    …this would be an unlivable disaster of a city.

  • It was waaay better in the older rendering. Now it’s just meh. I would have loved seeing the yellow color on the building. All the drama has been sucked out. A dried-out husk of what it could have been. Way to go, Ratner!

  • @2:05.

    I believe Houston is the only major city in the US that still does not having zoning laws like the rest of the country. I’m not sure if the lack of zoning law pertains to building height, bulk, commercial or residential.

  • Tell me you’ve made a mistake! The first rendering (which I called “the yellow harmonica”) looked amazing! This new drawing looks awful; boring, tired, pedestrian. ho hum.

    Wow – they made a huge mistake rejecting the first one. Fools.

  • Any crown molding on this thing?

  • The 2nd rendering doesn’t look as impressive since it is a straight-on shot as opposed to the 1st rendering that has a 3D perspective due to the angle of the view.

    To be honest, I’ll be happy with either one of these. The Downtown Brooklyn’s buildings for the most part have that stout, stump tree look going. Especially the Metro-Tech buildings with the very large foot print that looks as if the building’s height was cut in half. The slender (or more slender than the rest) building would look pretty good.

    Please build.

  • B-U-I-L-D-I-T-N-O-W.

  • 1:27
    you don’t make any sense. I’m so confused. Is Furee the nimby? Are the parents at the high school the nimby? Who exactly is it that you hate? Do you know what Nimby means?
    Do you ever do anything other than post on Brownstoner? Someone who only sits and judges every single group or person and does nothing ( you) is pretty much a Nimby.


  • Excellent! It’s about time Brooklyn gets decent skyscrapers. I hope this gets built and I hope it gets built soon.

  • i think they should re-open the myrtle promenade to traffic to better reconnect the downtown/heights neighborhoods with fort greene. pedestrians and shopping / services would follow. as for the building here, i am indifferent.

  • I thought there was some idea in BK that nothing would be taller than the penis tower (excuse me, the Williamsburg Saving Bank bldg.)? Or is that idea limited to Atlantic Yards?

  • The old has been NIMBYs and the community boards and the council members do not want anything to be taller than the WSB. Does that make sense? Placing a limit on building heights and than at the same time complaining about the number of buildings that need to be built to accomodate the lost square footage from chopping the original buildings height by half.

    NIMBYs are costing all Brooklynites money. Lost jobs, lost tax revenue for schools, city services, park upkeep, road maintance and etc..