Update on the Smith: Retail, Move-Ins Coming

The end (beginning?) is in sight for the much-delayed hotel/condo project the Smith, and the building’s ground-floor retail spaces have just hit the market. For over a year the development’s marketers have said the space will probably be filled by a high-end grocer like Gourmet Garage or Dean & Deluca, and the broker in charge of leasing the space says that’s still true. “We’re hoping to get something like a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s,” says Petar Videv of A&I Broadway Realty, apparently unaware of the latter’s plans just up the block. Videv says construction on the project should be finished sometime in January, and that the hotel and condo are expected to open then. While it seems doubtful that Trader Joe’s would take space so close to its planned store at Atlantic and Court, or that Whole Foods would be satisfied with 7,800 square feet, it does seem to be a reasonable fit for a store like Gourmet Garage. What would you like to see here?
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  • Oh, I would *love* a Gourmet Garage here! I’ve always thought they have some of the best fresh produce (in both selection and quality) of any of the grocery chains, at fairly reasonable prices for an “upscale” place. Fish and deli counters are good too.

  • You ran a column several weeks ago that said the tenant had been finalized and that they had been in the “food service business” for over 100 years. Also, there is a sign on the window that says “leased.”

    So what is going on here? Did you forget you ran the previous piece?

  • I find it comical that all these guys float the same damn rumor: “rent/buy here! we’re working on getting Whole Foods/Barneys/Apple Store in the retails space. really, it’s pretty much a done deal. just write me a check for 1mm dollars and ask questions later”

  • No, 10:42, that’s at Court and State…

  • Unappealing tacky building. Who’s the architack?

  • restoration hardware
    gourmet gayrage
    beard papa

  • 10:42 AM – that’s a building a couple of blocks away. This is an entirely different building.

  • So where’s the update on Court and State? You said you’d “let us know” in a week – a couple of weeks ago.

  • Maybe I’m the only one but in terms of the look of the building – when it was being skinned – I was like – Oh my god this is going to be the ugliest building ever created, but now that it is more or less done I kinda think it isnt so bad. – Not attractive but not offensive – sort of just ‘there’. Not high praise but it was looking much worse a few weeks back.

  • It does look less like a godawful wreck of a hulk now that raw cinderblocks and plastic aren’t exposed. As long as it does not fall down, it’s not terrible. If they can lure in a decent gourmet grocer, it would become my favorite building in the area.

  • I gotta say something nice about the “architecture” of The Smith:

    There’s a piece of terracotta trim above the fourth story, where the brick color also changes. This trim pretty much matches the building height of most of the rest of Atlantic Avenue, and whether it was intentional or not, is a subtle tip of the hat, methinks.

    As for retail space, there’s much open on Atlantic these days. Boerum Heights (toward 4th Ave) has half a ground floor, as does The Atlantic (near Nevins) and there’s all the old-tyme shoppes of Atlantic Gardens with rear courtyard (across from Post Office).

    Tell all your food/grocery store-owning friends: There’s much less competition on Atlantic toward 4th, and much more foot traffic from the subway.

  • Hooters! As I mentioned yesterday, kids eat free all day.

  • I’d love to see a mix of video stores, bodegas, and little shoe repair places, punctuated by religious bookstores. Also bail bondsmen have a traditional foothold in this area.

  • food court like in the malls

  • Broker talk – how tiresome and ill informed.

  • chuck — you must be joking. praising that faux cornice? the cheapest sop to architectural contextuality possible?

  • Brownstoner to borough of Brooklyn: Don’t build any new buildings. Mankind has lost the ability and the will to produce buildings of merit. Environment is also under pressure. Solution for environment: no more coal-fired electricity or gasoline consuming cars.

    Verdict: Live by candlelight in old buildings (preferably brownstones) and walk to work. In other words, let’s pretend we live in the 19th century. Modern life be damned!

  • This place will be worthless once AY is built.

  • I’m just glad there is an end in site to this construction project.

  • how bout balducci’s?

  • I walk by this building twice a day on my way to and from work and it is going to be 100% better than the parking lot that used to be there. I hope that they put a mailbox back on the corner and reestablish the bus stop in this block.

    As for retail: Because of the hotel and parking garage this would be a prime location for a rent-a-car location (Hertz? Avis is two blocks away at Courthouse and Enterprise is a few blocks away.) Ever since Better Buggy closed (remember them?) we’ve been short on car rentals. This would also be a good location for an office supply store like a small Staples or a copy center, such as Kinko’s. As a neighborhood resident, we could use both.

    Food: The size of the storefront would probably be good for a Garden of Eden and it is far enough away from the one on Montague.

    the big question remains are they going to reopen the House of D. across the street and how will that effect things.

  • putting to the side for a minute what is likely to come here and what is not likely to come here, i have to say that a GG feels right for this space and location. it would be great to see that happen.

  • Why does everything have to be a food store??? There are plenty of places to shop on Atlantic and Court Streets. Of course you all have cars, so what part of Fairway don’t you understand??? You lazy, suburban plastic bag toting freaks. Go back home to Jersey. This space could use a post office!!! or a methodone clinic or a day care for all your pampered germy little brats. Think beyond the box, people. Go away!!!!!

  • Oooh, someone woke up a little cranky this morning…

  • Live in Cobble Hill.
    Haven’t owned a car in 14 years.
    Don’t have a dope habit.
    Don’t have any brats. Don’t want any kids.

    The post office idea is SO impossible considering there a post office 5 blocks down Atlantic or 6 blocks into the Heights.

    There is a preschool shortage in the area but that location is painfully far from any kind of park or playground.

    If you want outside the box, how about someplace to listen to live music or play pool without having to have a drink but, alas, the space is too small.