Let’s Try This Bathroom Thing Again

When we asked for bathroom renovation submissions a couple of months ago, the response wasn’t exactly thunderous. So now that friends of ours in the neighborhood are getting ready to redo their top-floor bathroom and willing to share, we’re hoping it’ll inspire other readers to jump in. Here’s the before shot of their project. Please email us photos of a bathroom that you’ve redone. Even if you don’t have any before photos, a few shots of the finished product along with a description of what you did will get the job done.

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  • I hate when my bathroom looks like the “before” shot. Literally, this is my bathroom. I have pretty wallpaper, but that’s it! I didn’t realize it was so bad until now. It’s a “before”! Sigh

  • Don’t despair 11:25 – this “before” shot actually looks better than my bathroom. I would kill to have that kind of sunlight streaming in, plus it looks spacious and in pretty good shape. I’m curious how much work they are going to do this – does not look like it needs a ton.

  • That’s what fun about this one–it is the archetypal brownstone bathroom.

  • Looks better than mine did, too. My parlour floor bathroom was carved out of a closet space. I used to look at spacious restaurant bathrooms with envy. I agree, this won’t need all that much. I hope they don’t go too modern, and take out the period charm.

    I hope we see some creative entries, not just mega money pits. Can’t wait for ideas, since I’m getting ready to do mine now.

  • For those interested in doing Victorian bathrooms, check out the tile border patterns you can get custom made through any American Olean tile dealer. They come premade on webbing (you choose the pattern, colors, etc.), and can be delivered in about 6 weeks. I’ve put greek key tile floor borders (with separately made corner pieces) into a couple bathrooms this way, copying the one remaining original Victorian bathroom in my house. You can just shade in the grid on a spec sheet they give you, indicate what color tile goes where, and order as many linear feet as you need. Then just lay it down and grout. It gives you quite a bang for the buck, finishing the edges very nicely.

  • I don’t even have a window in my bathroom :-(

  • I know what you mean Mamacita, no window in mine either…

    Just have to love that golden sunlight splashing the entire room… it’s really simply lovely as it is!

  • We just got some glazing- refinishing done on our bathroom tub and tile yesterday. Wow is that stuff toxic. We have some before and afters which we will post once we can breathe long enough to take some pictures. So far, it looks good.

    I’m curious what everyone’s experience is with this sort of thing- with the upkeep, etc. Does it stay nice and new looking?

  • Who did your glazing on the tub? I’d love to find a PRO that knows how to use the sprayer properly, any suggestions? The hand painted stuff is garbage.

  • I’ll be following these renos with interest. We have two windowless bathrooms – one is a cube of a thing measuring 5′ x 6′, the other is a long skinny guy with an odd curved wall. Both are being redone when we start our reno and I’m a-lookin’ for ideas.