Whole Foods Mends Fences in Gowanus

Whole Foods finally got its act together and fixed the downed fence on its 3rd Street construction site. The fence was in disrepair for several weeks, leading Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum to say the open-access brownfield was potentially harmful to neighborhood kids, who had been spotted playing on the site. Though a Whole Foods spokesman told the Daily News last week that the company would repair the fence, it’s anyone’s guess when/if actual construction on the store is going to begin. GMAP

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  • Unfortunatly this will never get built…It is almost FIVE years since to was announced and still the ground hasnt been broken.

  • The irony levels of purchasing organic produce on such a toxic site are off the charts.

  • I don’t really believe anyone saw any children playing there, it had to be all speculation that neighborhood children “could” play there and be exposed. Any neighborhood children inclined to play there are probably inclined to play at any number of toxic exposed locations in the neighborhood. I go down that block four times a day and have never seen a kid at the Hole Foods location. Playing on the banks of the canal, fishing, yes.