Atlantic Yards Renter Relocation Lawsuit Tossed

A lawsuit challenging the legality of the ESDC’s relocation plan for 13 renters in the Atlantic Yards footprint was tossed out of state appellate court on Friday. Twelve of the renters live in rent-stabilized units, and their chief argument was that the ESDC had not formulated a feasible plan for helping them find comparable affordable housing. The decision, which Atlantic Yards Report reprints here, says the ESDC has indeed come up with a realistic plan for relocating the tenants. Other anti-AY legal challenges are still awaiting their day in court: Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn has two outstanding lawsuits challenging the project’s proposed use of eminent domain and its environmental review.
Cout Evicts Residents’ Suit Vs. Atlantic Yards [NY Post]
Appeals Ruling a Win for Atlantic Yards Developer [NY Daily News]
State Appellate Court Dismisses Renters’ Case [AY Report]
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  • that empty place should be built and density is good for cities less taxing on the environment.

  • ha ha…out out you peasants…let the gentrifying begin!

  • What’s even more amusing is that graffitti is painted on another big name developer’s property. It’s not like “the people” have this view – it’s just one of the developers who didn’t get a sweet deal. We’ll see how much the state pays him during condemnation proceedings. Meanwhile, he’ll go back to his mansion in Borough Park and laugh all the way to the bank…

  • The losing streak continues. The remaining lawsuits will surely suffer the same fate. AY opponents are about as effective at community organizing as the Miami Dolphins are at winning football games.


  • Pretty much. They need to find another issue of course because their lives are empty without one.

  • once again, as someone opposed to the Atlantic Yards plan, i am not opposed to development over the open Vanderbilt Yard of the MTA LIRR.

    what i am opposed to is:

    – a process that circumvents any local input, oversight or control;
    – abuse of eminent domain;
    – out-of-scale, super-dense development that will overwhelm already overtaxed infrastructure;
    – sweetheart deals that give 100s of millions of public funds to a billioinaire developer

    as someone who lives within a block of the railyard, i would love to have something *sensible, reasonable and responsible* built over the tracks. in fact, when i moved here, i was looking forward to development over the Vanderbilt Yard. is Ratner’s Atlantic Yards the best option? could the city have gotten a better deal, more bang for its buck?

    so far, the whole Atlantic Yards process has not been sensible, reasonable nor responsible and i fear that we will all pay the price for decades to come.

  • I’m especialyl looking forward to game nights when they close the surrounding streets as well!

    $2 billion of taxpayers money for this. We could’ve bought the Nets several times over for what we paid Ratner to move them across the river.

    Wonder how much more his team is worth now that we’re building them a new stadium.

  • You people are never happy. If they close the streets on game day, you’ll whine about it, but if the the streets are lefot open, you’ll claim that a terrorist attack will occur.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Keep it coming, because that sort of approach has failed you time and again.

  • Atlantic Yards will be worthless once Atlantic Yards is built…

  • The only thing about this AY projects is the architect FCR chose to head it up. Frank Gehry? Are you kidding, he designs the ugliest shit ever. I really wish he would die. I really do. He has single handily destroyed many cities and communities. With all the people that dislike his work and the degree to which he brutalistically invades neighborhoods with crapatecture, he is still around.

    There are plenty of hometown architects who would be a job 10,000 times better.

    I’m for the overall project, I’m just pissed that it’s Frank Gehry doing the designing.

  • “I really wish he would die. I really do.”

    Next time, break the tablets IN HALF.

  • Actually, it seems that doubling the dosage might be warranted.

  • Atlantic Yards will be worthless once Atlantic Yards is built…

    B’stoner, can we get some tee shirts with a list of ALL the things that will be worthless once AY is built?

  • Brownstoner will be worthless once AY is built.

  • If our friend “the What” is right, EVERYTHING will be worthless once Atlantic Yards is built–or even before :-)

    On a more serious note, [if anything can be called more serious than our friend’s jeremiads] since the stadium is basically a red herring to divert attention from another bloated condo project, the delay, coupled with the glut of new condo construction, is likely to bankrupt Ratner–ironic (and well-deserved) justice which will nontheless screw a large part of Brooklyn and leave a BIG hole in the ground for years to come.

  • DDDB has been parroting the same line for years, Bob, and it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. Ratner is far more intelligent that most people are willing to admit – if bankruptcy were as inevitable as you claim, he’d abandon AY in a heartbeat. That’s why he’ll always be richer than you and me.

  • 4:32,

    I don’t mind your thinking me wrong, but how can you doubt the What? :-)

  • “and leave a BIG hole in the ground for years to come.”

    In case you haven’t noticed BOB, there’s ALREADY a big hole in the ground there. It’s been for at least 44 years (or, as long as I have been alive)!

    — Brooklyn native and resident

  • anyone still fighting ratner is stupid. stop wasting your time.

    do something else. like move. i did. i left the area and bought in williamsburg because i think that the construction and the congestion will suck big time.

  • It can be argued that the delay has already bankrupted Bruce Ratner. If I understand correctly, and there is a limit to how much attention I give to any one project, Bruce transferred an independently-owned subsidiary to its parent company. If you had your own company, what other than financial duress would make you do something like that?

  • if i ever run into Ratner or even Frank Ghery i’m going to grab their head, lower it to my ass, and let a huge fart rip right in their face. and preferably this will happen in front of a large group of people. they deserve far worse though, i’m just feeling nice today.