Another Call for an Atlantic Yards Security Study

AYSecurity.jpgElected officials and members of the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods and Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn held a press conference yesterday to once again call for an independent security study of Atlantic Yards. At issue is the fact that Forest City Ratner plans to build a section of the Nets arena just 20 feet from the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, which some fear may make the arena a potential terrorist target. AY opponents are asking for more transparency from the state and Forest City, according to an article in the Daily News: “The [Empire State Development Corp.] and Forest City Ratner are asking us to trust that they have shared a security plan with the NYPD, and that the NYPD is fine with it,” said CBN’s Eric McClure. Forest City won’t disclose details of Atlantic Yards-related security studies it’s funded, citing the issue’s sensitivity, but points out that a consulting firm has reviewed AY security plans and found them comprehensive. Atlantic Yards Report, meanwhile, notes that Council Members David Yassky and Bill De Blasio—both of whom have generally supported the project and who are running for Comptroller and Borough President, respectively—came out yesterday to also call for increased scrutiny of the arena’s security. The ball game’s not over, said De Blasio, noting that unless Forest City behaves with more transparency, the future of their project is in danger.
Opponents Slam Plan to Build Arena Near Busy Intersection [NY Daily News]
Officials Redouble Call for AY Security Study [AY Report]
Photo by Jonathan Barkey.

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  • Give me a break, relying on terrorist boogeymen is the last refuge of scoundrels. Live that to George W.

  • If the security plan calls for road closings then we have a right to know now. If the security plan doesn’t address this issue we have a right to know why.

    The massive traffic problems caused by AY will be exponentially worse should the police deem it necessary to block Flatbush/Atlantic or any other street during rush hour for Nets games and other events – as they do in the Newark arena.

    Since we’re giving FCR $2 billion of our tax payer dollars, I think it reasonable that get transparency on this issue. We’ve certainly paid enough.

  • As usual, these people are never happy. If you close the streets, they complain. If you don’t close the streets, they complain. At this point, even if Ratner announced that he was abandoning the project, they would probably complain that they no longer had anything to complain about.

  • “Scoundrels?”
    ‘These People?”

    These scoundrels and people are you’re g-darn politicians that you elected, and your neighbors. So if YOU don’t like it…why don’t YOU get out!

    Can’t stand “People like You”

  • terrorist Target???? or tarjay????

    it ALREADY IS! hello!

    2nd largest transit hub with shopping mall and brooklyn icon tower above….

    however, none of those things make the area as high-profile as other NY landmarks. can you say MSG?

    this is a very weak argument on the anti-AY side, but i do agree with 10:06 – transparency is needed from project inception.

  • that intersection is already a NIGHTMARE during rush hour!

    The traffic/transit planning really needs to be thought out and implemented to properly handle the swelling of this area. this along with the rest of skyscraping in downtown are major urban planning dilemmas that really need to be scrutinized

    screw the terrorists, just think of how horrible it would be to walk around that intersection on game/event day during holidays!!!

    i say FCR should include alternate transportation options in the immediate vicinity.

    that stretch of atlantic is suitably wide enough to accomodate a light rail. also new bus lines could be added to alleviate adjacent neighborhood traffic as well.

    larger parking structures could be accomodated further east in the industrial sections of pp/crwn hts.

    the idea should be to dissipate the crowds coming into the region so that that intersection doesn’t become the cork of brooklyn.

  • The whole traffic thing reminds me of the old Yogi Berra quote:
    “Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded”.

  • this is a very real concern

  • 9:52 hit the nail on the head.

  • I guess this is a sign of my advancing age, but I am disgusted by the strong stances being taken on Atlantic Yards by candidates Yassky and deBlasio when they were so anemic earlier in their current elected positions — the old curmudgeon

  • Well 3:22, early in their careers they didn’t feel the imminent demise of their term. They are looking for new jobs and want to be all things to all people. The traffic is already horrible, I meet my daughter there every night and the bumper to bumper during the rush hour is much, much safer and better than the 60 mph speeding that goes on constantly when there is space at that intersection completely ignored by Giuliani’s NYPD. But these same politicians maintain an exquisite silence about that. Except for Yassky they all oppose congestion pricing.

  • Before you keep throwing the spit fire at “AY Opponents” why don’t you all take note at who was holding the Press Conference and who was there….politicians who are equally supportive of the project. So, get a grip!

  • I beg to differ, 9:59. I look at the photographs and I see “AY Opponents” and politicians that have been supportive of the project but are now worried about their next career move — the cynical, old curmudgeon