Sunset Park’s a Hotel Hotbed

Although Brooklyn hotel talk has basically been all Le Bleu, all le time lately, it turns out that a lot of lodging action is taking place a couple miles south of Gowanus. Right now there are four hotels planned for various Sunset Park locations, according to the real estate investment services firm Marcus & Millichap. There are 80-room Comfort Inns slated for 349 38th Street and 3rd Avenue at 59th Street, both of which are supposed to be completed by the end of next year (though it doesn’t seem like construction’s started on the 3rd Avenue site). And there are two other Sunset Park hotels in the works, one on 39th Street between 5th and 6th avenues and one on 49th Street between 2nd and 3rd. Guess some developers think there’s still hope for the Brooklyn hotel market, at least in this area. Sunset Parkers agree?
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  • There’s already a small Days Inn on 39th between 4th and 5th. I’ve always been curious as to who is staying there. Is it a no-tell motel?

  • only if I can’t tell that my Dad and 2 brothers stayed there…in the SAME ROOM!!!

    But in the Sex issue of that rag TONY, they suggested you could rent the rooms for 3 hours at a time.

    But my family stayed all night. OH YEAH!

  • ok..that Days Inn on 39th Street is not hourly…

    We’ve had family stay there and ask anyone who walks by there..they are always full and doing business..legit business

    about time people discovered sunset…now if we can just keep the hipsters and their lattes out

  • Good luck, 10:55. You can’t stop progress.

  • Will there be burned-out car parking available?

  • I live on that block and I have seen many “John” coming in and out of that hotel. They dont care who rents the room as long as they get paid. And now they want to establish 2 more hotels that will most likely do the same? Ugh. All that means is that the neighborhood will become more congested, and less parking spots available because the patrons who cannot find a parking space (for instance the days inn only has 8 parking spots for a 4 story 28 unit hotel complex? Also have you seen that place on a Friday night? It’s packed with so called “tourist”. Most likely it’s filled with Johns or men/women cheating on their significant others. It disgusts me to think that instead of developing affordable housing for this community (who desperately needs it) that we are getting hotels. We don’t need hotels. We need affordable housing! I feel cheated

  • How is an hourly hotel not a legit business? Is there a law against renting a room by the hour? FWIW, there is no street prostitute presence in SSP that I’ve ever seen.

  • As a Sunset Parker for the past 40+ years, I agree with “11:30am” about the increasing availability of “hot sheets” motels, which do not preclude stays by bonafide tourists and visiting families, and the non-existent activity in developing affordable housing for the past 30-40 years. The only type of “affordable” housing built during these years in Sunset Park has been Senior Housing which is heavily subsidized by HUD. However, creative methods have existed and continue to exist to develop affordable housing for working poor – moderate income, and it’s being done in the Bronx and Harlem, as we speak. Not tens of thousands of units a year, but thousands. So it begs the question-Where are the housing experts and political will and leadership in Brooklyn???

    By the way- Pass by the 39th St. Days Inn at around 4 am and witness the Pimps collect their commission. And, while you’re there waiting for the sun to rise, check the curb and the sidewalk for used condoms + related paraphernalia. And the question this time-Where’s the police and plainclothes vice squads?

    Shouldn’t hotel and coop/condo developers contribute “substantial monies” to the NY State Housing Trust Fund to develop affordable housing for local working class families? How about 1 2-bd unit for working class for each hotel/coop/condo unit approved by Buildings Dept.?

  • I work right by that hotel on 39th and 5th, and have had quite a few late nights and early mornings…. and have never seen behavior I would assume to be pimpish or prostitute-ish. I’ve never seen a condom on that street either. If there is tons of illegal stuff going on there, I have never seen evidence of it. It looks skeezy and I wouldnt stay there, but I’m also not so sure about the reports of it being some den of iniquity.

  • Anyone who is concerned with affordable housing in Sunset Park should attend the “Community Conversations” on rezoning being sponsored by Sara Gonzalez and CB7.
    Sat Oct. 27 1:00 PM
    Sunset Park Recreation Center
    7th Ave at 43 St.

    Wed. Nov. 7 6:30 PM
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help
    5906 6th Ave.

    There was a dog and pony show at the Community Board last Monday basically telling us that gentrification is inevitable.

  • Who cares about a “hot sheet” motel when there are hipsters and lattes moving into “our” neighborhood. C’mon, people, get your priorities straight.

  • Concerning the rezoning of Sunset Park and the issue of affordable housing it should be understood that the City Planning Commission can designated certain areas for what is known as Inclusionary zones which give developers incentives to include affordable housing units in new construction; specifically, developers can get a increased FAR if they agree to provide 20% of the units as affordable.

    While the rezoning cannot guarantee the preservation or creation of affordable housing it can limit the size of buildings and protect the current housing stock of historical brownstones, frame houses, and limestones. If the area is not rezoned what will happen is that developers will continue to build huge structures that will increase the cost of housing in Sunset Park and destroy the character of and community in Sunset Park.

    Make no mistake, the developers would love nothing better than to have Sunset Park remain an unprotected community and come in and tear down buildings and develop high rise buildings, such as the one at 50th and 7th avenue,to sell to anyone who can afford to pay $430,000 or more for a one bedroom apartment.

    Affordable housing is one of many issues in Sunset Park and many community based organizations, such as Neighbors Helping Neighbors, as well as a recently formed Affordable Housing group comprised of community based organizations and residents of Sunset Park, are working to preserve and create affordable housing in Sunset Park by identifying not for profit organizations that are dedicated to afforable housing, such as the Fifth Avenue Committee.

    It is important that the residents of this community make an effort to stay informed about the rezoning…

    There will be a workshop tommorrow, Saturday, October 27 at the Sunset Park Recreation Center starting at 1 p.m. which is for all residents of Sunset Park. It will be conducted by the Pratt Center for Community Development.

  • is the latte actually still considered ‘hip?’ the fact that it seems to get mentioned as the go to beverage makes it the least hip thing in the history of un-hipness. true hipsters are drinking something you and i won’t even hear of until we’re having our ass wiped at a nursing home. the rest of these poseurs are fakes with fake lattes.

  • i live a few blocks away and i don’t seem to see much night time action, but I have to wonder – why do people care so much? just got back from berlin where prostitution is legal and respectable, to each their own I say – and a hotel seems nicer than yet another auto repair shop….

  • I think it’s wonderful that developers are trying to create some accomodations in the borough. For former Brooklynites like me, who want to visit our old neighborhoods, finding accomodations other than the downtown Marriott or Sheepshead Bay/Knapp Ave. hotels/motels/crack joints, has been a challenge for more than 30 years.

    I’m sick of staying in Manhattan and oommuting to B’klyn to get to Coney Island, the Heights and my favorite old haunts.

    I hope hotels arise in Sunset Park, as long as it’s in harmony with the property owners and residents of the area. I always loved the Sunset Park area.

    Back in the day, when I was a teenager, I used to drive through Green Wood Cemetery. It’s a very interesting and historical place.

    My two cents…

    (A Brooklyn Kid, born 1952, left 1975.