Development Watch: 333 Eastern Parkway

Something’s afoot at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. The one-story commercial building that stood on the site for years is toast—but no plans have been filed yet for the building that will rise in its place. There’s one red flag out there already though: The contractor on the job is MMG construction. Remember them? Anyone know what’s going to be built here?

333epkwy1007.jpgUpdate: A commenter steered us toward a rendering and description on architect Gene Kaufman’s website that sounds about right:

This new corner residential condominium building includes ground floor retail, medical offices and parking. Adjacency to a subway station and the irregular lot complicated the design and approval process. The 8-story steel-framed building contains 80,000 square feet and 61 apartments. A metal panel facade encircled by curved metal balconies gives a polished look to the first new building in the neighborhood in many years.

Is this the most upscale building that this neighborhood will have seen in recent times? GMAP P*Shark DOB

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  • Gene Kaufman building 6 or so floors I think, if it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s on his website


  • I live a couple blocks away from this and the ownerof Fisher’s Market next door mentioned a new high-rise condo building too. He’s a second generation owner and knows his 5h1t when it comes to the nabe.

  • this doesn’t seem like it will go very well with the surrounding neighborhood…


  • No likey the metal curvy balconies. No.

  • 61 apts? that sounds like a lot for this location –geez.

  • the building looks ok but that block still has a ways to go. pretty sketchy. Curious to know what the prices will be like

  • This stretch of Franklin is slowly transforming but this block and the surrounding blocks going south toward Ebbett’s Field are some of the only blocks around where you still see drug dealers and gangsters holding up the corner. How much could they possibly sell for with all of that drama still going on over there. There is often a huge NYPD mobile command center stationed across the street from this location too.

  • 1:39, you’re right. I walk by here everyday and the corner of lincoln and franklin is very hot. obviously the cops know (mobile command, beat cops positioned on corner) but can’t seem to do anything about it….

  • I have yet to see anyone respond favorably to ANY development in Brooklyn no matter the location. You people are the most jaded creatures on the planet. That being said, I’d MUCH rather live on 4th Ave if forced to buy a new condo.

  • Seriously! I live right there and though I love the neighborhood, things look sketchy, that’s for sure. I cannot believe that people with $$ to spend on nice apartments are choosing to buy there (witness 362 Eastern Parkway).

    And I think it’s actually the opposite of jaded to want to preserve your neighborhood’s character.

  • That neighborhood is not what it was 1 yr ago or even 6 months ago. By the time this building is ready for sales there will be a completely different vibe.

    This is also one block away from the St. Johns Heights development where units are selling in the $6-700s/sq ft. range.

    This property sits on top of an express train stop and the surrounding blocks have some nice architecture. Franklin Ave is going to do very well over the next few years.

  • 2:38

    you’re right, the nabe is not what it was one year ago, or six months ago. the problem is that block still is. block hasn’t changed with the surrounding nabe. but if the city can put in extra traffic crossings for the RM building on GAP, then maybe they can clean up the corner of lincoln and franklin for this thing….

  • Ah yes, Eastern Parkway. The armpit of Brooklyn.

  • Eastern Parkway was once the Jewel of Brooklyn, and it could be again if rent control was abolished and zoning laws were changed. The current FAR for Eastern Parkway is a joke considering the subway is there and there are already many notable buildings that are vastly overbuilt according to existing zoning rules.

    The R8 zoning regs should be extended the whole way down Eastern Parkway. Then, and only then, will we get some serious new development that will bring some real change to this hood.

  • Eastern Parkway is great, actually. The area at Franklin and the parkway is indeed sketchy, but there are plenty of great areas around NYC that you could say that about at one time. The new building will be one step in the gradual upgrade of this area. Crown Heights homeowners like myself will be around in the future to realize the benefits.

  • Is there nothing to be said about the building’s style being in line with the overall look of the neighborhood or street?! Most of the buildings on Eastern Parkway have brick. This one looks like it doesn’t have a single brick in it. I notice that things in certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn just get built no matter how they look in relation to the surroundings. Not good.


  • I just move to Franklin and Prospect with hubby and kid and we love it. The vibe is certainly changing and for the better. Yes there is some street activity going on, but let me tell you I met all my neighbors in my block in 2 weeks of living there – that never happened in Manhattan. The Crow Hill Community Asso just organised a meeting with more than 100 in attendance to discuss community issues, tree planting, crime, fundraising. Lots of new faces with the old timers. Franklin is the next subway stop after atlantic and PHeights is too expensive for most people nowdays. Middle class folks looking to get a foot into NY RE will start out there and do quite well in a few years, trust me. The express stop is awesome, we are at Grand Central in 25 minutes…..Dont be detered by the crime element. You have to be careful everywhere. I wish I had invested in the EVillage when it was sketchy…..

  • 5:12 I am sure as with the other BK neighborhoods that gentrified that this corner will someday have a different vibe. Indeed, the whole point is to get in before you get outpriced. Clearly though you have to weigh saftey into the equation. There are still other affordable BK areas that do not come with the NYPD mobile command center and known Blood leaders that I would prefer over this specific location. I am African American, “on the job” and have an off-duty firearm and when I drive through there on summer weekends, I pray that the traffic lights hurry up and change.

  • Rumor had it that a Starbucks would be part of the retail at that location.

  • And as we have learned in recent days, 5:54, we Crown Heights residents have to be wary of “known Blood leaders” AND NYPD!

  • 6:18, 5:54 here. It is unfortunate that officers such as these would tarnish the badge with their criminal activity. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows. This still does not mean that I would want to live or frequent an area area with ‘known Blood leaders.” Even if I were not “on the job” I’d take my chances with rogue cops over drug dealing gang members. Remember that there are rogues in every profession.

  • Ever since the starting pay was lowered to $25,000 dollars and NYPD is having a hard time recruiting, they are taking any and everybody onto the force.I guess some things are being overlooked during the investigative phase. That being said, it is just a matter of time before this area as well as Nostrand Ave from Atlantic to Eastern Pkwy is cleaned up. Have you seen the police presence,especially between 4 and 7 when there are patrolcars on every corner with flashing lights and the skycam as well?

  • It is very difficult to recruit with such a low starting pay which means that we do fall short of projected hiring goals. But we did not and will not lower standards. We still require that you have 60 college credits or military experience and still conduct an exhaustive background check including a psychological and medical. Many recruits start the academy with at least a B.A. and some with advanced degrees. Unfortunately Police corruption is as old as the Police force. In addition, I think what is happening today is that we as a society have lowered ethical professional standards in all professions from teaching to medicine to real estate. My parents told me that teachers in the NYC Public High Schools had a dress code in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember when nurses were impeccably groomed and wore their starched white uniforms proudly. Such is life. That corner still sucks.

  • We have to talk about the DOB website. Sometimes properties have multi-property profiles. on top of the page it gives the number of buildings as 2, click on that number & you find that ther are 3 Bin numbers for this lot which hyperlinks to 3 different property profiles overviews, one of which has a new building filed on it. I thought you would like to know.In addition, if you search the block hyperlink, sometimes the same lot is listed a multiple of times with different property profile overviews.

  • Rogue cops and drug dealers are two sides of the same coin, 8:34. They’re both criminals. I own a home in the area. I want to see it cleaned up, too. But you smart ass comments don’t help anyone. Before you start cracking jokes about criminals, just remember that as a FELLOW African-American, I’d be as on guard encountering YOU with your “off duty fiream” cocked and loaded as much as any Blood leader.


  • This is a great spot because of the train access and the 7-minute walk to Prospect Park/Brooklyn botanical gardens and Brooklyn museum. I think in the next 2-3 years, Franklin will be like Vanderbuilt.. It keeps spreading. Even in the last year, there has been an onslaught of yuppies…

  • 10:14,

    Is this for real? Trust me, I’d love to see this area gentrified, but the poverty and crime seem so entrenched that it leaves me wondering how much change is possible. Whenever I read the “Crown Heights” board, 50% of the posts deal with noise and violence.

    No malice here, it’s just that I don’t live in the immediate area and would welcome your more detailed perspective as a local.

  • 10:03,

    Surely you jest. If the bloods or any other criminals were after you, you’d call 911 for the cops in a heartbeat and then complain if they didn’t get there fast enough. I know that Black on Black crime way outnumbers the number of dirty cops beating up and killing Black folks. But I never hear YOU PEOPLE complain about that. The on-the-job poster gave insight as an insider and never made “smart ass comments” or “cracked jokes.” You even agreed that you wanted to see the “corner cleaned up.” Must have hit a nerve. The truth often does. Don’t worry, your investment will eventually pay off when the good cops run the bloods off of your corner. Probably, no thanks to you, who would not show up in court to testify against a “known blood leader” because YOU PEOPLE refuse to “snitch” on one another.

  • I live in this nabe on St. John’s. Yes there is questionable activity and certainly noise. If I wanted peace and quiet I would move to the suburbs. My wife commutes to midtown and gets there fairly quick and easy. She often comes home late at night and not once has felt threatened or had any problems. A new bar is opening on Franklin not far from a womens clothing boutique. There is an obvious change going on. I think what makes this neighborhood nice is the mix of people. This I dont think nor do I hope will change. This cannot be said for most of the nabes mentioned on this site. I think in years to come Franklin will be somewhat like Vanderbilt as mentioned. Hopefully sooner than later some of the bodegas will disappear. These I believe support the problem of loitering and encourage these kids to be losers.

  • 12:18,

    No, I’m don’t jest. The “Bloods or any other criminals” aren’t “after me,” because I’m not a gangster. Even if they were, what good would it do to call 911? Based on their track record, the cops would most likely arrive AFTER everything went down. Anyway, I can handle myself. I’m not worrying about any Bloods.

    You know, it just so happens that my neighbor and I were talking just the other day about how young black criminals are preying on their own people, and each other, so don’t presume to think you know what I discuss with others.

    Mr. “On The Job” DID make smart-ass and gratuitous comments that are unworthy of a police officer, in my opinion, and I responded. I don’t give a crap if you don’t like what I said. And I’m not “worried” – my investment is already paying off in that I have a great home in a historic district that my family and I love. It will pay off more as the neighborhood continues to improve. Unlike cowardly Mr. “On The Job,” I walk around Crown Heights with my head held high, and that includes past that corner. I’m not afraid of gangsters. Wary maybe (like with crooked cops), but not afraid. I grew up around these same types of guys (and crooked cops) in East New York, where I learned that gangsters don’t mess with people who act like they are going to take being messed with. Crooked cops mess with whomever they feel like hassling. If something happens when I walk past that corner, I’ll deal with it, but I’m sure as hell not going walk around scared. And whether or not I show up in court depends on the circumstances. If I did witness a crime, I’d likely testify, because I believe in the American democratic system. I just don’t like smart-ass, unprofessional cops trying to diss my neighborhood.


  • 12.24
    You are right. I think most of the posters here do not know this part of CH. If you walk down the street im sure many of you THINK that the people are drug dealers (after all they are black and hanging around not doing much of anything) but yuo have to understand this is also largely an anglo caribbean community – and people hang out, outdoors, on the stoop, on the sidewalk. many have owned their brownstones for 30 years, their children and sometimes grandchildren may live with them, and many of them dont work 9-5, they live off of the real estate investments made 30 years ago, renting to all the yuppies who moved in. Really I see it on my street everyday. I work midtown and just last week learned that the security guard of our midtown office (lowest in the work office hierarchy you would think ) owns a couple of houses in CH – including on my block ! I found out because he mentioned he had seen me in the nabe…He has more equity than I do. This part of CH is great because as someone mentioned it is also v close to PSlope and Prospect Heights. The express train to midtown is ideal. We walk my daughter over to the underhill playground all of the time and afterwards have coffee at Joyces’ cafe on Vanderbt. I popped in to the Brooklyn Museum last weekend w/baby…We just had 2 architects move to our street in Sept (off Franklin), never mind all the other yuppies who are coming, and love the area. Dont get me wrong, the long time residents are great, always say hello and two of them even sweep outside my house when Im not around to make sure the area remains clean and I dont get a ticket from the sanitation dept. Believe me there is a great community here. Esp as you walk North on Franklin and on the side streets (park, prospect etc etc) You guys should walk around a bit more…

  • 6:18 I have seen that command post trailer on that corner more than I’ve ever seen one anywhere else in Brooklyn. I go that way everyday. One day this corner will clean itself up but as of today at 4:00 when I passed through it has not. The surrounding blocks appear to be okay but this corner is the pits. Why won’t you face the truth.

  • 5:39 I passed that corner of Franklin and Lincoln yesterday — and kept on walking. Why get so hyped abt one corner. The COMMUNITY is great. Sure there is some illegal activity going on and I dont walk around at 3am but….its all what you focus on. There are tons of police out nowdays in the subway and on the streets on Franklin and that is a good thing. The place is cleaning up !

  • I know this thread is from last October and is stale, but, if anyone sees this– does anyone know the name of the LLC that is developing at this site?

  • I asked around and i think that the name of the LLC that is developing the project is either AJJMD Realty LLC or 341 Eastern Parkway LLC

  • I realize this report is going back a few years, but I’m interested if there are any recent developments to report at 341 Eastern Parkway. It doesn’t look as though there’s been any work done here in a year or so, but one can always remain hopeful. Anybody know anything new?