Brooklyn Industries Outgrows 7th Ave. Digs

Has Brooklyn Industries gotten too big for its britches in Park Slope? It seems, on the contrary, that its britches may have gotten too big for the retailer. The store is expanding its location on 7th Avenue and 9th Street to include the storefront next door, which is currently taken up by Urban Optical. (The glasses shop, in turn, is moving a couple storefronts down, to the space that was recently vacated by Il Camelion Salon.) Michelle Williams to the contrary, it appears there’s no shortage of shoppers looking to snap up Brooklyn-branded t-shirts and hoodies. GMAP

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  • Unfortunately, when Brooklyn Industries first started, the clothing was actually made here (or at least in the US. Now, it’s just another high priced shop with clothes made in China and the like. No wonder they are expanding, with the super profits the’re making off cheap labor. Brooklyn Industries…right!

  • Every time I walk by that shop I’m amazed it’s still in business, let alone expanding. Who buys that crap? The window displays always look terrible.

  • Michelle Williams is moving to Park Dope.

  • ugly, overpriced stuff made in china
    only idiots shop there

  • well idiots, who think they’re “keeping it real”

  • I don’t think people who shop here are any more idiotic than people who buy things from the GAP (just announced this week clothes are made by 12 year olds), Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Old Navy and the list goes on.

    Before you call someone an idiot for shopping here, how bout you take a look in your closet and see how much of it is made in China.

    I venture to guess at least 75% of it.

  • If you pay $30 for a T-shirt with a water tower on it.


  • I too really wonder how BI is staying in business; I had loudly opined recently that I was sure they had (a) overexpanded and (b)run the brand identity and hipness quotient of their stuff into the ground, and I foretold their rapid doom. Appears I was wrong. Their stuff that looked quite unique, fresh and cool just a few years ago is now mostly dismal and unremarkable; their prices are absurd. To pay $35 for a really unusual and clever T-shirt is bad enough; to pay that for a head-scratchingly dull one is just stupid. I do…not…get…it. Guess I am so not their intended audience (although I’m not sure at this point who is).

  • hey 11:09

    heres is the difference

    A) GAP/ONAVY/etc tshirt – $10 or less, made in china, no claims to be “representin bkln”

    B) BI tshirt – $30 and up, nothing particularly interesting about the design or quality, still made in china

    only IDIOTS buy “B”

    but thats ok, its a great way to spot the morons on the streets and subways
    if you

  • They do a killer business on their bags.

    That’s how they stay in business.

    And it’s less expensive than Urban Outfitters, with similar stuff.

  • Do not be a hater just because you can not afford it. People choose what to splurg on.
    You obvious do not know about retail. I did hear with the expansion they are starting to allow lay-away plans for window kissing zombies like yourself. :)

  • Wow, so many people on here thinking they are the fashion police. I probably couldn’t tell you people apart from the suburban Kmart or Kohl’s shoppers. Or don’t tell me you buy from that crap “vintage” store on 5th..what’s it called? Beacon’s closet? I can probably smell you a mile away then…

  • You think $35 is expensive for a hipster tee? Take a field trip to Barneys sometime–and don’t forget your heart medication.

  • Beacon’s Closet is my absolute favorite store.

    Seems to work for me.

  • Yeah, but were you the one insulting people who shop at BI or other stores *you* don’t approve of?

  • Nah. I don’t shop at BI myself, but I have nothing against them either.

    I’m happy to see a place in the neighborhood doing well.

    There is certainly a lot more worthy things in the world to critique than BI.

    Like I said, their bags are pretty popular.

  • Just wanted to chime in. I really Brooklyn Industries stuff. Like the original prints on the shirts. Like the shorts and pants which are cut well.

    I think people on this blog tend to fly off the handle a little. Chill out guys and go back to picking tile and back splashes.

  • fake wannabe “bkln-ites” shop at BI

  • Yeah, the next Donna Karan here.

  • 1:36 , you just insulted everyone on this blog

  • The funny thing is that the French love Brooklyn Industries – last time I was in Paris their cloths were everywhere!!!

  • wow. hold on. there is a lot of BS here. brooklyn industries makes great button down shirts, sweat shirts, pants and jackets. the quality is very good – what you are all talking about?? AND, as someone else pointed out, is way way cheaper than similar stuff found at Barney’s coop or gap or uban outfitters. don’t buy much for myself, but my husband has a few things including a great sweater and a great jacket that has lasted for years.

    we live in williamsburg, and see foreign tourists coming to that store all the time. this is good for Brooklyn. if european kids want to wear Brooklyn sweats and t’s, let them. it’s good PR.


  • 2:27 Wow, the French approve! France is such a lovely country. A ringing endorsement. I want to be like the French. They are the beutiful people of the world. The only problem with France of course is the French.

    Not actually familiar with BI, I must say, but checked out their web site. The generic cloths look fine. Have to walk in and check quality for myself in order to comment on value. I’ll take some peoples word on it until I see for myslef. However, if you need to wear a loud “BROOKLYN” logo anywhere you need to get a life.

  • Do not be a hater just because you can not afford it. People choose what to splurg on.
    You obvious do not know about retail. I did hear with the expansion they are starting to allow lay-away plans for window kissing zombies like yourself. :)

    Posted by: guest at October 30, 2007 11:57 AM

    You can’t afford it, you can’t afford it!

  • Can we get back to Michelle Williams piece from yesterday?

  • she’s moving to park slope…


    Best comment ever.

  • Better a window kissing zombie than ass kissing the French. What else do you need to be told how to do? Sorry, that would require independant thought to be able to actually formulate a question.

  • There are a lot hotter actress in Brooklyn than Michelle Williams.

  • There are a lot hotter actress in Brooklyn than Michelle Williams.

  • For about a decade and a half, (back when the vast majority of Park Slope home owners were actually born and raised in Brooklyn) that space was occupied by Comics Plus.

    Correction: it’s not Eurotrash; its Midwestern trash who aspire to being Eurotrash that is driving BK’s economy.

    Why are people still talking about Michelle Williams? Aren’t there plenty of other chubby middle american dwarves who lived in Brooklyn for a year before discovering they couldn’t hack it?

  • And to the southwest corner, the Brooklyn Burger Bar (Food Sucks) was Jack’s (fine institution of higher learning) and Smiling Pizza was well, Smiling Pizza. I forget what was on the other corner where the realty is?

  • If you’re talking about the south east corner, wasn’t that a cheese shop through the 80’s and 90’s?

  • I thought the Eurotrash bought all their Brooklyn gear in Manhattan. Ever been to Yellow Rat Bastard in Soho?

  • Racked has learned that British clothing chain Topshop is going to open its first stateside store at 478 Broadway near Broome Street in Soho, taking the place of neighborhood landmark Yellow Rat Bastard.

    Guess not for long, 12:26.