Slope Relic: Mysterious Dump on Fifth Avenue

We’ve wondered what was going on with the decaying building/chalk-graffiti magnet on Fifth Avenue between 6th and 7th streets for some time now. The building, which is right next to the American Legion post, has patches of roof missing and been in miserable shape for years upon years. (It’s even earned a reputation as a dumping ground, according to some chalk-happy wags.) A couple guys hanging out in front of the Legion told us the second floor had collapsed, and that they’ve had to put a rubber covering over its sidewalk hatch, which has mostly caved in. According to property records, the city sold the building to a private investor in 2003. Aside from that, we still don’t know what the story is with this likely safety hazard. Can anyone fill in the blanks? GMAP P*Shark

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  • It would be a real shame if it were to catch fire someday…

  • and the investor hasn’t done nothing for all these years.

    the government should find better buyers.

  • Anybody know the store about the guy down the block (next to the Chip Shop) with the ramshackle storefront chock full of crap? On the weekends you’ll see him sitting out on the sidewalk with a few garbage-picked items allegedly for sale.

  • And what’s with the building to the left of the American Legion post? What’s with all the crap with price tags placed in front of it? A permanent stoop sale?

  • 11:32 Jinx. You owe me a Coke.

  • brownstoner should squat it. you could post the details on here and then everyone could descend upon the latest squat. this place could be ‘Stoner-Squat HQ. it would make a cool reno blog. everyone could wear plaid knickers and shave their head, but with brownstoner t-shirts on of course. and now with solar you could just put some panels on the roof and presto, power for the surfing laptop command center.

  • looks like it already did catch fire

  • The solar panels would have to BE the roof, as the building in question is currently roof-deficient.

  • I always laugh, kinda, when I see the writing that says “This is not a toilet”

  • ceci nest pas une toilette!

    did someone say “squat”?!?!!

  • I always find it shockingly amusing that Park Slope residents will fight tooth and nail to prevent constructing buildings that are let’s say, 8 stories in height but they have no problems with this shit holes being there FOREVER.

    Why don’t we have a neighborhood protest against filth in the neighborhood?

    This row of buildings should be bulldozed.

  • Yes, we love having this in our neighborhood, 4:52.

    LOVE it.

    Despite your seeming vast knowledge of real estate and the world, this is the United States, and owning property and doing what you’d like with it is part of the freedom that many of us like to embrace.

    Otherwise, I’m happy to take a look at YOUR place and decide whether or not I’D like to bulldoze it.

    Since apparently owning property has more to do with the community than the property owner themselves.

    The ignorance level on the blog has taken a major dive lately.

    I’d like to begin the protest against your filth. Filth of a communist mind.

  • “The ignorance level on the blog has taken a major dive lately.”


  • If people are free to do as they please with their property, then why do people on this board spend so much time demanding that developers include affordable housing in their projects and that owners of rent-stabilized buildings offer their tenants low rents until the end of time?

  • it’s ironic that they say it’s “not a toilet,” because that’s exactly what I use it for about 3-5 times a week when I’m coming home from Jackie’s Fifth Amendment.

    It’s like a personal tradition

  • brooklyn_G_girl – Yep, that’s the guy I meant. I saw him crashed out just like that a couple of weekends ago. Great photo.

  • I think this property will be cleaned up and transformed by next summer…looking forward to it!

  • 5:48 – Any reason for your optimism that you’d like to share?

  • because i know :) it will be *much* better soon.

  • I have a property a block away and I always pass this place. Its such an eye sore. To the guy with the optimistic post( 5:48)…can you please eleborate and tell us what you mean by *much*?

  • What I want to know is: What’s the story with the Mafia American Legion post next door? There’s always a dour faced lookout sitting outside glaring at everybody, no matter if you’ve lived here for 20 years or not. Are they running some small-time numbers games out of there or something? Looks really depressing inside, too. Not the most cheerful place to hang out.

    Aside from the Chip Shop, that whole row is begging for the Catepillar express.

  • I say we bulldoze the yuppie Brits of the Chip Shop… coke heads that contribute to the deaths of working class and poor people by supporting the drug trade in this neighborhood with their yuppie profits. But the so called liberals of Park Slope (middle of the road, nice liberals who don’t really want to change the world very much if it is going to affect their incomes and white privelege) want to hear nothing of the drug underbelly of the neighborhood, supported by the bourgeois class more than by the long time working class residents, and stands in support of places like The Chip Shop… Well I guess Brits know better than anyone how to colonize a place. And neo-liberal types of park slope, most of whom grew up knowing nothing but privelege, will alway support the the clean cut image of the colonist business owner and call for reform in the name of “let’s beautify our streets and increase out property value” efforts. I’ve even heard the “liberals” of Park Slope calling for demolition of the “eyesore” of a housing project on 10th Street at 5th avenue, without regard for poor families who simply need a place to live, eyesore or not.

  • Whoa! Got some anger issues to work out re: “liberals?” Sounds like someone is one unhappy camper working at a dead end job that barely pays the rent on some dilapidated shithole of an apartment somewhere in Sunset Park. No wonder you hate “liberals” since this is just another code word for you to describe people in this neighborhood who are making it while you’re not.