Going Fishing for $15 Mil in Gowanus

With the rezoning of Gowanus now (slightly) more than a glimmer of light shining in the far, far distance, commercial values in the neighborhood appear to be climbing steadily. Case in point: A warehouse that takes up all of the eastern side of Third Avenue between Douglass and Degraw streets—and extends pretty far up toward Fourth Avenue—is on the market for a cool $15 million. Whoever buys the warehouse at 191 Third Avenue (which happens to be an old Daily News garage) can put up an 80,000-square-foot building in its place, according to Ken Freeman, the Massey Knakal broker who’s marketing the property. Current zoning allows for only office or hotel construction, but that could change when Gowanus is rezoned. It’ll be interesting to see whether a developer buys this one and holds onto it until the neighborhood is rezoned or if the nearby Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and soon-to-open Hotel Le Bleu are going to get some competition.
Gowanus Rezoning: Complete Chaos [Brownstoner] GMAP P*Shark

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  • its directly across the street from NYCHA’s Wyckoff Houses

  • no it’s not. it’s directly across the street from a really great public swimming pool.

  • “really great public swimming pool”? i used to live right near there — what pool are you talking about? did i miss it somehow?
    plus, that warehouse it IS xcross the street from the Wyckoff houses.
    (i’m not poster #1)

  • this swimming pool. Thomas Greene Playground

    3 AVE & DOUGLAS ST Map it
    2.525 Acres

    Alright, it’s not as big as Red Hook or as fancy as the Floating Lady Pool but it’s a 10 minute walk from my house and it has made my summer.

  • Wyckoff houses is north of Baltic.
    this item states ‘Douglass and Degraw streets’. So not across from there. Look at the GMAP before speaking.
    And as the person said – there is a pool on other side of 3rd (west).
    Guess didn’t walk around much when lived there. Too scary for you?

  • There is ongoing development around the Gowanus Houses and will be around wykoff Gardens too. Those projects are not bad and shouldn’t be left as some sort of bandustan while surrounding areas gentrify. Pisses me off that the City focuses its “economic development” efforts around areas like the Red Hook Waterfront and Atlantic Yards which have developed just fine without their help. Meanwhile, areas around places like Gowanus + Wykoff Gardens get ignored.

  • #3
    to 11:24
    no, not too scary for me. but i was experiencing post-traumatic stress and near suicidal depression at the time, so i walked around in a bit of a fog. which is probably why i mis-remember the placement of the public housing. i’ll promise to map stuff like that next time before posting if you’ll promise to avoid jumping to conclusions about why someone doesn’t fully remember a neighborhood.

  • you seemed pretty sure in your initial post it was right across from wyckoff.

    didn’t seem unsure about it then, but in an hour’s time, now all the sudden you are so foggy.

  • this is a real estate blog, not a place to tell everyone about your “post-traumatic stress and near suicidal depression”.

    please keep it to yourself. we don’t care.

  • you’re all why I want to move from Brooklyn.

  • man, the comments section of this blog is really becoming aHole jamboree. what’s wrong with some of you people. maybe you’re trying to lower prices in Brooklyn by making it seem incredibly inhospitable?

    Brownstoner, at some point you should consider Chowhound-type comment mediation.

  • btw, in my mind saying “you’re all the reason i want to leave brooklyn” seems worse than saying any of the other comments above. none of which seem offensive to me.

    guess some people are super sensitive.

    bye bye birdie!!!

  • slopehead (really? what, you been in brooklyn for what 5, no wait 7 years)….

    just glad my family and I could capitalize off suckers like you and ride off into the sunset…