NYU Housing Expansion Reaching New Heights

67livingston0807.jpgIs Brooklyn Heights in danger of being overrun by beer-swilling college co-eds? The St. George Hotel, at the corner of Clark and Henry streets, is already home to a crew of Pace University undergrads and recent news of NYU’s growth plans, including a planned merger with Polytechnic University and the take-over of the existing rental building at 67 Livingston Street (right) this fall by more than 100 grad students, adds fuel to the fire. For now, though, it doesn’t appear that there’s any near-term threat and the Brooklyn Heights Association, for one, isn’t fazed. It seems to us like a no-brainer that NYU will build some dormitories amidst the many towers that are springing up in Downtown Brooklyn. The expense and relative scarcity of land and air rights in the Heights, however, would appear to make it a less likely target location. Of course, you could say the same thing about Greenwich Village, so ya never know.
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  • NYU will build at the House of D to create a combination dorm and jail. You heard it hear first folks…

  • Maybe if the students have bars on their windows, they won’t throw shit onto the street. We can hope!

  • there have been NYU freshmen at the St George Hotel for several years now too. students are good for a neighbohood (grad students better)

  • @ 10:37 AM do you really think that students are really good for a neighborhood?? IMO i think it may be worse, it can turn the feel of a neighborhood into a college town.I remember residents in the East Village complained about NYU and the feeling of the University encroaching the neighborhood.But hey this in only my opinion.

  • I also think students are good for a neighborhood.

    You will find many baby boomers who are not choosing to live in urban areas, are choosing college towns. They often have shops, services, bars, restaurants and other cultural amenities that areas without universities do not have.

    College students in downtown Brooklyn would be a great thing.

  • I live on Willow St. and walk by the dorms on Clark every day. The students have all been moving back in over the past week, and don’t present any great nuisance. There are also the Law School dorms on Willow, Pierrepont, and Monroe. It’s nice to have the students around the neighborhood, and I wouldn’t worry about it turning into another version of Third Ave. below 14th.

  • Total number is 117 GRAD students moving in next door to me (I’m in 59, directly to the left). The reason I stress grad is that ideally graduate students are a bit older and more mature. If it means that a few restaurants extend their hours, or maybe some new ones open, I’m all for it.

  • What restaurants ? the stretch on Court Street is such a dump..baffles me that there is not even a propery grocery store…I think there is a room for another grocery chain even with Trader Joe’s..Wonder why the retail spaces in the Two-trees building and one next door are still lying vacant..Does anyone have any news about upcoming changes on Court Street ?

  • There have always been a fair number of students in the neighborhood. After all, we have St Francis College on Remsen Street, Brooklyn Law school next to Boro Hall, and Brooklyn PolyTech on Cadman.

  • The Stretch on Court Street north of Remsen certainly needs some gentrification. I wonder why more restaurants or bars have opened or upgraded in the area. Maybe there are some zoning related restrictions.

  • The area north of Remsen on Court has no zoning issues, it has landlord issues. the folks who own those buildings make the late Leona Helmsley look like Mother Teresa. They are cheap, mean, nasty old men. The area will not get better until that generation dies off, and these low-lifes are usually long-lived.

  • I’m hoping the neighborhood will turn into something like 3rd below 14th, so I can stop going out there for my reckless partying entertainment. As someone who has lived in the neighborhood a year now, I must say the place is awfully boring in terms of the nightlife. If these college students bring more bars and *dare I say it* some genuine clubs out by here, I for one would be a very happy camper.

    As for Court north of Remsen, that’s all of two blocks long on Google Maps, unless you mean to include Cadman Plaza, which I would’ve thought to be more approrpiate for dorm-esque kinda housing to begin with.

  • Well, Remsen to Atlantic is really four blocks. Remsen-Joralemon-Livingston-State-Atlantic. this stretch of Court should be one of the nicest commercial streets in the Boro, but instead it is pretty low-market. It used to be much worse before the Loew’s multiplex and Barnes & Nobles.
    People from Brooklyn Heights never set foot on this stretch -except maybe to go to Bruno’s Hardware. That is part of the problem. But the principal thing is that this is Brooklyn, it ain’t Central Paris, y’know? It ain’t the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The real estate prices may be Champs Elyses, or Via Veneto, but at the end of the day, it’s still little old Brooklyn. We should not forget that.

  • It’s Remsen-Joralemon-Livingston-SCHERMERHORN-State-Atlantic.

  • guest 6:46 here.

    you’re talkin about Court south of Remsen, not north. Court north of Remsen would be Montague and then Court becomes Cadman at Pierrepont. I live on State, and it’s amazing to see how few people from deeper in the heights seem to venture anywhere near the Loews/B&N complex. Trying to keep my theories to myself (let’s just say I’ve run into an amazing number of racist people in this neighborhood), I’m just gonna say I wouldn’t be too surprised if people wouldn’t be happy if that area just sorta burned to the ground.

    I think it’s a godsend, personally.

  • I personally don’t mind walking through Court Street – mainly because I live on Livingston and don’t really have a choice. While there could certainly be better options than the Lowes/B&N, it at least brings people around and I always feel safer when there’s a crowd. I do think it’s a bit of a shame how crappy Joralemon to Montague on Court is, we definitely could use some better places to eat down in this part of BK Heights, I always wind up going down past Atlantic either on Court or to Smith for dinners.

  • Agree about the racism in the Heights. Know of at least one school that allows the kids to go out to lunch but gives them detention for setting foot in the Fulton Mall.

  • Wow 7:42 — that’s some terrible stuff. I think Fulton Mall will likely lose it’s edgy image what with Bellel, 110 Livingston, 200 Livingston, Oro, the Myrtle Ave projects, and I’m forgetting some other developments downtown. phes

  • Does anyone know anything about 59 Livingston ? I’ve just foolishly rented an apartment there without doing my homework. Tell me about the creaky floorboards, rats and super from hell. But be kind.

  • Does anyone know anything about 59 Livingston ? I’ve just foolishly rented an apartment there without doing my homework. Tell me about the creaky floorboards, rats and super from hell. But be kind.