Dock Street Plans (Marina and All) Go 3D

This photo of a model that’s on display in at Two Trees headquarters just landed in our inbox about half an hour ago. The Dock Street project that the developer is trying to sell to the public is tucked behind a huge “Brooklyn” sign that’s been plunked on the roof of the Empire Stores building. But most eye-popping is the model of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s own marina. First we’ve heard of such a thing. Fantasy or reality?
Yassky and Walentas Square Off over Dock Street [Brownstoner]
Two Trees Plans Mixed Use Building Next to Bridge [Brownstoner]
Two Trees’ Dumbo Vision Revealed in Model Form [Curbed]

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  • A marina here would be a shame.

  • what happens to j condo? are the views towards the bridge completely obstructed?

  • I think even two trees says fantasy. Why take out beach and park (already done) that 1000s enjoy and replace with a marina that would be great … for a couple dozen people.

  • Add a couple of seafood restaurants and I am in “Brooklyn’s City Island”. To appeal to the low income residents, they should add a couple of large cafeteria type restaurants serving $10 shrimp boxes, at the end of the park of course.

  • Dreadful. Sink the marina!

  • wtf.

    note also “Jane’s carousel” near the BB anchorage.

  • Seeing this makes me ask, why such uproar over this building and its proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Is the furor mostly rich NUMBY’s losing their view? It doesn’t seem to be 1) that close to the stone support portion of the bridge or 2) that out of context with that other building heights.

    Explanation please.

  • Guessing that 12:12pm’s “NUMBY” =

    Not Under My Bridge, Yo!


  • Don’t worry, the marina is NOT happening. My guess is the planning team is just using it as a placeholder. They’ll never find a concessionaire willing to run a marina there — it’s too small to make a profit, and the currents in the East River are too fickle to make this an appealing location for serious yachties.

  • poster 12:12, for a person to view the site as laid out in that model-they would have to be in a HELICOPTER.

    No, it does not look offensive from 1500 feet in the air.

  • If Wallentas wants to do it, it will get done. The projects that never seem to get anywhere are the ones involving State agencies or the Port Authority.
    Wallentas does not own the Empire Stores (yet) but when he gets them, he will rehab them and put the big sign on top, which I really like.
    The Empire Stores originally sat right next to the water so the marina would recreate that original relationship. That would be something that the landmarks commission would probably like.
    The proposed building is perfectly alright, verging on the ho-hum. Yassky, that arbiter of good taste and ethics, has come out agaisnt it. But given his lack of popularity, that is a plus. Ditto for the BHA -does anyone actually like or listen to the BHA?
    Wallentas is in the driver’s seat as he has for the last twenty years in this once forgotten corner.

  • i think a marina would be nice there. and no i’m not a broker, sailor, dumbo-dweller or rich person. there is a lot of park space there and i think a little marina with some sailboats would have a very nice feel.

  • the link posted by 2:00 does show marinas.

  • The Brooklyn sign is cool, but i’d prefer “Fugheddaboudit” in that same Dodger blue cursive…

  • it shows marinas, but not at that location.

  • I really like the Brooklyn sign. Genius. Instant landmark. It would need to be put up in the middle of the night without official approval. The public would then fall in love with it and the art and landmark types would have to grudgingly accept it. Like what happened with the bronze bull in lower Manhattan.

  • I am I the only one who can spot the obvious postings by 2 tree employees. Big phonies!

  • 3:52–Yup. The ones that “like” the marina, you mean? I would suggest to anyone that legitimately likes the marina, to study this model closely and then go visit the existing park. Notice what they are targeting? The spot where the MOST people like to hang out in the park! The steps and the pebble beach where people like to sit and read, take in the skyline or watch the water. And destroy it for what? A few people’s boats? Go sit by the boat basin in BPC and tell me that you would still replace the existing space with a giant reeking cement pool where rich people’s boats sit in a slick of stagnant water and discarded poland spring bottles.

  • come on, people. must you always accuse someone who likes something you don’t of being somehow connected to the developer? i said i thought a marina would be nice. so what? we have different opinions. it must make you feel better to think you have a ready explanation for everyone opinion that differs from yours.

  • I love and enjoy the little beach, BUT I would also love a marina. Would be great if the marina could be developed near the existing site, w/o sacrificing the beach.

  • There is a marina in the plans for the greater BBPark, assuming the construction ever gets going. But it’s farther up, beneath the promenade. BBPark most certainly doesn’t need two marinas. And considering that the stretch between the bridges with the skyline in the background is the most dramatically picturesque, I would hope they wouldn’t block access here. This is the stretch that most tourists will visit. Marina good. Here bad. IMO.

  • there is not, will not be and are no plans to build a marina. Save your concerns for actual terrible development ideas like “dock Street” The model in the photograph is 10 years old. There are plans for a marina further south as part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park development. I repeat: There is no real discussion or efforts underway to build a marina there.

  • There is no real plan for a marina in the Brooklyn Bridge Park further south.
    The models show a marina, but it is contingent on whether a private operator wants to build and run it. so there is no marina. If Wallentas wants to build a marina, I think it would be closer to Fulton Ferry than the no-man’s land under the Promenade. It comes down to who has the money to actually build it. Uhh, that would be Wallentas. Marinas are a great place to hang out to check out boats. you don’t have to have a boat to enjoy it. I like the marina at world financial center and i do not belong to the yachting class.
    I think in years to come Fulton Ferry- Empire Stores park will get better and better. Who knows about the Furman Street park? It may not happen in our lifetime.

  • It’s called Empire Stores or Empire State Park. Welcome to the Neighborhood. How are things in J condo?

  • I love this park. My husband and I walk through it nearly every day. Just yesterday we sat along the waterfront watching the ferries go by in the rain and we were saying what a paradise it is. We saw a little boy off by himself throwing stones into the water. I really do hope that it will never be turned into a marina, especially a high end one. This park, and the small stretch of accessible shoreline should be kept open for everyone.

    It’s tough to read ‘anon’s comments that she doesn’t live in the neighborhood, but thinks the marnia would have ‘a nice feel’. It really made my blood boil. So many DUMBO residents are so emotionally invested in this small neighborhood, we know we are lucky to live here and we desperately want to protect the things that make it so special.