NY Mag Annoints Bed Stuy as the Next Hipster Destination

New York Magazine has crowned Bed-Stuy the city’s next hipster enclave, citing competitively priced (say what?) new construction like the Mynt, where one-bedrooms will start at $1,700 a month. (Interestingly, though the Apartments & Lofts agent quoted by New York is a big Bed-Stuy booster, the brokerage’s listings for the Mynt peg it as Clinton Hill, not Bed-Stuy.) The mag contends the neighborhood is primed to shelter all manner of hipsterdom priced out of Clinton Hill. Bed-Stuy Blog weighs in on the ‘hood’s new designation:

Clearly this is mostly a North Stuy phenomenon. I’ve noticed that the part of Bed-Stuy serviced by the G train line looks like it’s getting more and more Clinton Hill and Williamsburg spillover as each month passes. I have no problems with this trend, especially if it means that maybe one day those elitists at Fresh Direct will finally decide to deliver to the Bed-Stuy sections of 11206 (they seem to think only the Bushwick section of 11206 is worthy of their fine goods and services). Maybe by spring the North Stuy will be The Next…place to get a decent grocery store.

So much for starving artists.
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  • Can you still qualify as a “hipster” when you live in a cookie-cutter new building that looks straight outta Sixth Ave. and that calls itself “The Mynt”? Don’t you need an illegal commercial loft with bathroom down the hall, or at least a place with some kinda grit/character?

    And seriously, is it actually true that Fresh Direct has the nerve to refuse service to the entire hood of Bed-Stuy?

  • Am I completely nuts, but $1,700 for a 1BR apt in Bed Sty seems insane. I realize that the days of getting a Manhattan studio for under $700 are over (that what it cost when I moved here), but I know folks who pay a lot less than that for decent to crappy places in better neighborhoods.

    And are we talking rentals or are the hipsters getting downpayments from mom and dad and buying?

    Please, will someone who loves to dress like Pat Benitar let me know.

  • Noted: Fresh Direct deigns to serve Bushwick. Is that really the only part of Bed-Stuy they’ll go to? Lame. I never order from them, anyway, because I want to pick out my own produce–and because the waste from all those boxes freaks me out.

  • I have no idea if this prediction is correct, but IMO any correlation between NY Mag’s prognostications and reality is purely accidential. This is NOT intended as a negative comment about BS–only about NY Magazine, which I gave up on long ago.

  • This is totally unscientific, I know, but I have been noticing more hipsterish young folks along Bedford and Nostrand over the summer.

  • NY Mag’s prediction of Bed-stuy as the next hipster destination simply means that hipsterdom is over. Huzzah!

  • NY Mag’s prediction of Bed-stuy as the next hipster destination simply means that hipsterdom is over. Huzzah!

    Same goes for the designation of Crown Heights(!) as the next yuppie enclave

  • for 1.7k for rent in the hood is nuts. they must be smoking some good crack either by the Realtor or ny mag.

    you could get a nice 1 br in some of the coolest areas of brooklyn for that price.

  • I wonder who the chicks are in the photo. Damn, I’d totally hit that!

  • By the time New York Magazine finds out anything about what’s going one outside of its insular focus on Manhattan below 110th St, it’s already over. Their reports on Brooklyn are usually erroneous at worst, and laughably ignorant at best. They always seem surprised that ANYONE who is supposedly hip and happening, or has any money, would deign to live here.

  • Bob Marvin – what’s up with PLG? Mr. B has stayed away recently – any action post cop killing?

  • 10.18 – I think you may be wrong about Crown Heights. A Mexican Architect just moved next door to me. A mixed race (black and white) couple with a kid bought a place across from me – recently moved from Manhattan, another Japanese and American couple with their kids live a few blocks over from them – also moved from Manhattan. An italian guy bought a house on our street a few years ago, and there are many many young white, black, asian and latino EDUCATED renters around. I think Crown Heights will do very well (and quickly) if only for the transportation network and proximity to the park, to Prospect Heights and Park slope. Yuppies dont care about the G train. Where can you go on the G ? Yuppies want and need to get in and out of Mahattan for work, run to Park Slope (or Clinton Hill – Ici anyone? ) for high end food etc etc. I wouldnt call myself a yuppie, but as I write, maybe I too fit that category – and I too live in Crown Heights ! BTW I just heard Fresh Direct delivers on my street. I am ordering today….

  • Interesting that NY Mag is long on the North end of Bed-Stuy. For my money, the South end is where it’s at, due to A-C train access… forget the G! But I guess it really is about Pratt and Clinton Hill spillover.

  • Oh, and Fresh Direct apparently delivers to some parts of 11216 (ostensibly the Stuy) but not to MY part of 11216, and they get quarterly emails from me in protest. Come on, I’ve got investment bankers living next door to me and you won’t send me a lousy Fresh Direct truck?

  • Cool. As long as I can keep asking more for my rentals I’m happy. Go NY Mag!

  • hi. there have been hipster kids in bed stuy especially around flushing avenue for many years already, at least 10 years in fact. but it is true i have seen more evidence lately, noticing hipster action in many houses in the area now instead of just seeing them when going to see live bands in lofts. it’s like the outer stops of the L train was years ago: one day there were 2 hipster kids getting trains there and then suddenly the next day there was a mob that never stopped.

  • not just Pratt and Clinton Hill spillover, South Williamsburg spillover too. these neighborhoods are very close to the hipster allure of Bedford Avenue.

  • can someone please explain to me the allure of grocery delivery?
    when I was a kid, only the elderly requested this service
    now I know why these kids nowadays stay home with no friends, get fat, and play video games,etc.

    why would I pay like 3 bucks for eggs when I can walk to the store and get em for a buck-fifty??

    I know its SO cool to be able to order this service, and even cooler to say you do,but come on man.

    I miss old NY

  • hipster is the new jock.

  • 11:09 I beg to differ. Yuppies work either downtown or midtown and surprisingly the G works very well for both locations during rush hours. From Bedford/Nostrand G stop, I’m at 53rd & 7th Ave in about 30 mins.

  • 11:35, I agree. Schlepping is the NYC way of life and I, a farmer’s market devotee and third-floor walk-up resident, am holding true.
    So when you see me schlepping home on the train you “truckies” can point and laugh – but at least I picked out that produce myself.

  • As someone who’s been going to the Bed-Stuy Y for 5 years (yay, renovation!) this year Bed-Stuy around Bedford, Nostrand, Lafayette (well, around the Y, basically) seems to have sprouted a bumper crop of young white people. It’s this year, this spring, actually, that it happened. I’ve been monitoring it closely, out of curiosity.

  • fresh direct is the best thing ever in the history of ever. we have a kid, so we go thru food, and do not have time to shop (2 working parents).
    buy the delivery pass – you get so many other freebies, that it pays for itself immediately then you can order at will.
    plus they constantly have sales and specials like spend $200 and get a free steak – was terrific!
    the produce is excellent too – no need to pick my own.
    also, it is NOT more expensive than a grocery store – what’s that comment about? check out their beer prices!
    i live in williamsburg, and have no trouble getting delivery – so i feel for you.

    back to the main topic. i can tell you that in short order williamsburg will totally price out the hipsters. the demographic is getting older except for rich or lucky 20 somethings. it’s gettting filled with 30 somethings buying condos and having kids. or, older artists who already had kids and stayed.

    so, yes, east williamsburg, bed-stuy and bushwick will get all the hipsters.

    and, it’s the hipster thing is not over yet from i can tell.

  • 11:35–

    Do you even live in Brooklyn? If you did, you would know that for many of us, the neighborhood grocery store is DISGUSTING–rank produce, bad meat, improperly stored milk, surly employees and a generally unclean environment.

    Yes, I like farmers markets and schlep food from Manhattan and other neighborhoods all the time, but there’s only so much I can carry (and I don’t have a car).

    I would prefer to have a great local supermarket, but until that happens, Fresh Direct is a godsend.

  • The Bedford Nostrand A is what you transfer to on Hoyt and Schemerhorn from the G, why not eliminate the middle man and live in a great brownstone for less than $1700.; and the A is express!

  • I hope these hipsters bath and know how to keep a bathroom and kitchen clean. Where is North Stuy, is that like South Jersey or are you trying to create a seperation from your f…ed up HOOD?

  • $1700 is a good chunk more than what i’m paying, and I have a 1 bedroom in the north slope. whoever pays that amount for that area is dumb.

    the only good hipster is a dead hipster!

  • Fresh Direct rocks! Thanks for coming to Clinton Hill. Okay, I dont use it all the time, but who really likes killing 1 or 2 hours of their weekend in a supermarket picking food that isnt even as good as Fresh Direct? How about dragging big packs of toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels to your house? No thanks. Fresh Direct is for anyone who would rather spend their free time doing things that they enjoy, and not have to worry about the quality of the food.

    I dont buy the eggs though. Twice a few have arrived broken.

  • 1 beds in north slope cost more than 1700.

    on average.

  • One beds of 400sq. ft. go for $1700. in North Slope and Boerum Hill.

  • 10:58 – If you go around saying things like “totally hit that”, you will never “hit that”. Duh.

    Actually, I suspect the photo was set up by Brownstoner staffers. It’s a bit too perfect looking – worn jeans, side-cocked trucker hat (which is OVER by the way), rolled-up-top sunbathing and, BEST OF ALL, a big fatty of BUD. It just screams “hipster”, but circa 2003.

  • As a woman I can say that “hit that” will get it faster than “duh”.

  • You know what you folks who still rent are pissed off that you can not own a brownstone
    in bed-Stuy period!!!!
    Yes i see alot of White owning in Stuy and I see alot who rent apts!! and I commend them because they are not hung up on being around
    Blacks….but those of you who still RENT!!1
    I pity you.. you probably are paying $$$ for such shitty apts!!! and worse not even in
    a culturally diverse neighborhood!

  • How could someone still rent? The banks have been handing out morgages for the last how many years?

  • That area of Bed Stuy is mostly Hassidic and the architecture is like hot shit in July. It STINKS!!!!

  • That area is absolutely Clinton Hills and should not be mistaken for NorSty.

  • Look if it states that it is in the Stuy it is Stuy….and if you are still dumb enough to rent a 400 SQFT for over $900 you an idiot.

  • Bed Stuy is beautiful but the hipster- hassidic race is on again.

  • hassids have connected south williamsburg up with clinton hill. they’re smashing down the back door. also, THE G TRAIN RULES!!!

  • yeah, you can schlep to Brooklyn Heights or drive to Fairway but in the end it comes down to a question of convenience and time. Even when I lived in Windsor Terrace (at that time the back of beyond) I could run across the street to buy a yogurt or garlic or skim milk. Here there’s a bodega on every corner but I’m limited to Bud, disinfectant, ciggies, and soda. I have a kid, a business, a full-time job and no car. I don’t want to have to do all my shopping at Costco. I’m exhausted by having to trek all the way to Perelandra for organic muesli and decent olive oil! And toting wine back from wherever I can find it. I am tired of feeling I have to import all my conveniences. I wanna indulge myself in my hood–Alexa from the BedStuy Blog

  • Right on Alexa. Im in Crown Heights in 11216. Cant find a decent steak fit to eat in our area. Even the Park Slope steaks dont live up to Whole Foods. I go to Whole Foods at least once a week in Manhattan on my work lunch break to get some provisions for myself and family and bring it home to Brooklyn. I cannot wait to try Fresh Direct. I own a home but we dont have a car. With a baby all of this running around is really tiring….When we lived in Manhattan it was easy – a grocery store on every fourth corner (and generally of good quality). Out in Crown Heights, we are fine food deprived !

  • we’ve lived around the bedford/nostrand g train stop for about a year now-bought a brownstone (!!) and it is changing quickly. there’s a new amazing spot to eat-tiny cup- around the corner and it is bringing out the many beautiful, diverse faces of this neighborhood. clinton hill is spilling over-williamsburg is spilling over, etc. etc. the city is growing and it’s all part of the ever widening circle. we love it!! by the way-fresh direct delivers here, but there is also the bed stuy community supported agriculture program (csa) which is better than fd any day…it’s like a farmers market that delivers, for those of you who don’t know…

  • Le Toukouleur is also on Bedford and Quincy, and you are correct 9:30 Tiny Cup does get the support of the white community in Bed Stuy, it’s a shame they can’t see past the color of an owners face.

  • to mysideofstuy
    I spend 1300 bucks to live in a 300 square foot 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights. I grew up in Sunset Park, where the likelihood of being robbed or shot is, despite the price of homes here might imply, still ridiculously high, so anyplace where that chance is diminished is appreciated. I’m 5 minutes from my job on Wall Street, a short block from amazing amenities (including the soon-to-be probably cheaper-than-Fresh Direct Trader Joe’s), and, for the record, not an idiot. You do realize there’s more to what you pay for in rent than simply square feet right? Either way, you’re welcome to take chances with your life just by livin in that deathtrap…I’ll happily pay a little more not to.

  • @10:47 PM …Very cute…..I actually do not live in a death trap and to be honest not all of Bed-stuy is bad walk around and take a look for your self, but you can’t tell me anything you rent and as far as getting robbed or shot that can happen any where you live this is New York….but you know what you keep renting a your tiny 300 square foot apartment while the rest of us who bought in Stuy will reap the benefits…Oh but you have Trader Joes so you lucked out!!!

  • “How could someone still rent? The banks have been handing out morgages for the last how many years?” – August 29, 2007 6:57 PM

    They’re not ‘morgages’. They’re 3 to 5 year leases. The repo man (foreclosure) cometh.

  • The government will baileth.

  • Dear BH Wallstreet,

    From one in your tribe- I don’t think that you have been to Bed Stuy lately. So risk averse as a Wall Streeter? Bed Stuy isn’t even risky. The blocks are gorgeous! The only threat are the ugly new buildings with bars to their rooflines. As far as I can tell from “sold this week” on this site- Bed Stuy is doing just fine.

  • enough with the tiny cup is white-owned whiney nonsense. i never “see the owner’s face” when I go in there most of the people working are black, and the customers are at least 50% black, latino, or asian. so get over it.

  • 3:43PM, where did you get your stats and don’t those numbers seem strange to you?

  • 9:05 – The government will baileth? Just like they bailethed out New Orleans?

  • haha, it is funny reading comments about the photo. just go to the original.

  • “The government baileth.” No charges in playground ball. No grammar heathens on blogs. But, you crossed the line, buster. Delete the “will” and stop the verb party. Now, get back to work.

  • I live on Greene Ave between Classon and Franklin. Bed Stuy. If I walk 100 feet and cross Classon, I’m in Clinton Hill–this is the border zone that realtors call Clinton Hill and locals call Bed Stuy. In the last year I’ve seen a huge shift from black to white on my block. The new arrivals are young. They look like students or post-college 20-somethings. Most seem to be renters. Some of them are clearly hipsters, but many are just plain white folks. I suspect that this block’s hipster types are Pratt students, because they are fairly clean. The gloriously dirty, slouchy and dissolute hipster types seem to relegate themselves to the farther reaches of the L train for now, for which I’m thankful. Maybe it does have to do with the rents being a little higher in this quaint brownstone neighborhood, despite the crappy G train. Sadly, there is a MAJOR development happening on this block–10 new buildings, with a total of 80 apartments–and the architect is none other than Karl Fischer himself, “Hot Karl” of the Nouveau-modern/Tacky Contemporary movement, who is responsible for half of the new “luxury” condo buildings sprouting up like weeds in Williamsburg.