Salvager: Serious Stuff from Fort Greene Brownstone

fgdoor1.jpg fgdoor2.jpg
The person overseeing the renovation of a grand old home in Fort Greene dropped us a note to try to find a home for some of the beautiful pieces of architectural salvage that are going to be removed. In addition to the mahogany pocket doors above, there are mantels, mirrors and a gorgeous bathtub that will be available. If you are interested, please email jane AT janeherships DOT com for more photos and to arrange an appointment.

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  • wow. i’ll ask the question everyone’s thinking. why are they getting rid of this stuff?

  • This looks like Cuban mahogany, which is among the most beautiful woods in the world. All the Cuban mahogany trees were chopped down over a hundred years ago and there ain’t no more.
    Just FYI.

    PS: most of what goes for mahogany today is a pale imitation that comes from another species of tree that grows in the Phillipines and in Indonesia.

  • I don’t even have a Brownstone yet, but I’ll take em!

  • what is this jane lady doing? jesus freakin christ, keep it! if you’re gonna plunk down millions on an fg brownstone, at least keep/integrate such beautiful original details. and this comes from a modernist at heart. i live in an fg brownstone and can attest that a paulin chair or two makes one of these place quite moderne…

  • she’s not getting rid of everything — only items that don’t fit with the renovation. you can’t keep every single original detail when you update a brownstone. good for her for at least trying to ensure that the pieces find a new home.

  • shortsighted. At least someone will use it, but still, shortsighted. sigh

  • I agree. Some people have no taste. What a shame but her loss in another’s gain of course. What is up with that email? Can someone post it again?

  • I think they posted the email that way to avoid spammers. Anyways….I contacted Jane and no response. Maybe it’s all gone already.