LPC Gives McCarren Pool a Big Thumbs-Up

As was generally expected, the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated McCarren Pool (and surrounding buildings) a New York City landmark. While there was plenty of momentum this time around to carry the day, the pool had the strange distinction of having spent more than a decade on the LPC’s calendar before making the cut. Then again, Greenpoint and Williamsburg were very different places back in the early nineties, before condos, rock concerts and even the L Cafe (remember that?). The practical implication of the designation, as The Observer points out, is that the Parks Department, which has been actively trying to figure out a plan for the pool area, will have to clear any proposals with LPC. Also up for designation was the Sunset Park pool. Does anyone know if it was approved?
McCarren Pool Gets a Little LPC [NY Observer]
W’burg Landmarking Update: Domino and McCarren [Brownstoner]
Photo by Tien Mao

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  • Yep, Sunset Park pool was landmarked too.

  • I would make it into a soccer stadium. Not huge like Giant’s stadium. But small and nice like in smaller European cities. It would be home to the Red Bulls and every game would sell out.

  • The LPC needs to be abolished. Soon NYC will be filled with old decrepit building that cannot be modernized. NYC is at its apex, expect the decline to begin to accelerate, it already has with the rising crime rate recently.

  • “Old decrepit buildings?” Like Grand Central Terminal? Like those in Soho, or those in the Meat Packing District where you can hardly squeeze into the “decrepit” buildings through the velvet ropes? Wake up. A city without its historic buildings is a city without pride, or a conscience. And with nearly $50 million to rehab McCarren Pool, it will be one of Greenpoint’s proudest (and most modern)landmarks. Bravo, LPC!

  • I believe in the LPC, but won’t this create an extra middle man to get this project finished? It’d be nice to see the pool completed within the next decade? Too many chiefs and not enough indians!

    Let the people decide.