Stuckey, We Hardly Knew Ye

stuckeyxd.jpgAfter three years of playing bad cop for Bruce Ratner, Jim Stuckey is leaving as head of FCR’s Atlantic Yards Development Group. Mr. Stuckey will be replaced by the kinder, gentler MaryAnne Gilmartin, currently executive vice president and director of commercial & residential development for the developer. While no one’s using the word fired (nope, he’s “pursuing other challenges”), it seems pretty clear that FCR thought it was time for an image make-over. Or perhaps the combative Mr. Stuckey had just pissed off one too many people by this point. Who knows. Any thoughts on how this might impact the project?
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Rubenstein Press Release:
FCRC Management Change; Gilmartin To Head Atlantic Yards

Jim Stuckey, Executive Vice President and head of the Atlantic Yards development group at Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC), has submitted his resignation, effective immediately, citing personal reasons and a desire to pursue new challenges.

For the past few weeks FCRC has prepared for Mr. Stuckey’s departure to create a seamless transition and named MaryAnne Gilmartin, Executive Vice President and Director of Commercial & Residential Development for FCRC, as head of the Atlantic Yards development team. The Atlantic Yards development, which includes over 6,400 units of mixed-income housing and the Barclays Center, remains on target.

MaryAnne Gilmartin Bio

MaryAnne Gilmartin currently manages Forest City Ratner Companies’ Commercial & Residential Development division, including the development of two of the company’s most prestigious new projects: the 1.6 million square foot New York Times Building in midtown Manhattan designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Renzo Piano, and the Frank Gehry designed Beekman Residential project in lower Manhattan. Ms. Gilmartin has been responsible for the development of several major entertainment and commercial office projects. She led the development of the 42nd Street mixed-use project and the development of the Battery Park City retail complex.

Prior to joining Forest City in 1994, Ms. Gilmartin served as Assistant Vice President for Commercial Development at the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) during the Koch and Dinkins administrations, managing the City’s multi-million-dollar corporate retention program which kept Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, Chase Manhattan Bank and other vital businesses in New York City.

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  • You’re right, there’s no proof that he was fired. As usual, that doesn’t matter to No Land Grab, who is insisting without evidence that Mr. Stuckey was fired. Even Norman “OCD” Oder admits that one can’t be certain this was a termination.

  • Never underestimate “kinder, gentler”…

    Besides, this project is getting built regardless of who’s at the helm.

  • pursing other challenges- with no effort to pave the way for a smooth transition… I just hope that the “journalists” in this city do their job and find out why he was fired so viciously.

  • Wow. That doesn’t sound the least bit libelous A-what. Try to keep your blind items a bit more vague or you’re sure to get sued. Anonymous things said online can be grounds for a lawsuit too. If you had any balls, you’d make claims like that using your own name.

  • This will have no impact on AY. This is a good project for Brooklyn. I don’t see the news here. But I’m sure all of the anti-development/NIMBY psychos will try to weave this into a discussion of eminent domain, public corruption, backroom self-dealing, yadayadayadayada……..

    Flame on!

  • You can’t honestly say this was a transparent, corruption free process Anon 10:36.

  • So Glimartin, it appears, got her job with Ratner after seeing that Ratner and his projects got all the city money they could for Metrotech…. It’s a tight little club.

  • point taken
    apology made


    of course he was fired, in the press release there was not a kind word about all that Mr. Stuckey has done for FCR and Atlantic Yards, nothing about his tenure at the company. an amicable “resignation” would have included those kind wrds.

  • Did he get fired for not kissing enough babies?

  • This is just a rumor, and I’m sure that the truth will come out eventually since there are so many people hanging on every AY-related tidbit. However, I heard that Stuckey’s pants had caught on fire so many times that he had to resign and check into the Weill Cornell Burn Center for treatment. Providing that explanation would have been tantamount to admitting that Stuckey had lied over and over, so FCR decided not to say anything.

  • I find it a bit disconcerting with the way EDC has treated this project and the community and FCR in all of it’s wisdom is replacing Thier MIC with another who has the State connections.

    Folks, it’s almost time time to really suffer the blue collar disease (firmly and resolutely grab your ankles and pray)

  • It’s nice to see an ad for Forte Condos on this site. Now that really represents brownstone Brooklyn. By the time AY goes up, it won’t be a low-rise neighborhood at all. Anyone seen the joke going up at Myrtle & Flatbush lately? View Brooklyn Differently…as in how?

  • It’s nice to see an ad for Forte Condos on this site. Now that really represents brownstone Brooklyn. By the time AY goes up, it won’t be a low-rise neighborhood at all. Anyone seen the joke going up at Myrtle & Flatbush lately? View Brooklyn Differently…as in how?

  • What does “low rise” really mean? Is Sheepshead Bay low rise? Is Massapequa? Is Phoenix? Is 1st place Carrol Gardens?