Marty Axes CB6 Members Who Opposed AY Project

In a move likely to cloud his legacy as the Brooklyn’s biggest professional cheerleader, Borough President Marty Markowitz purged Community Board 6 yesterday of nine members, apparently as retribution for having voted against the proposed plan for the Atlantic Yards project back in September 2006. I’m rather disappointed. I think that it could have been handled better and I think that I will continue to work for my community and the greater good of the community through the Community Board, Jerry Armer, who had served on CB6 for more than two decades, told the NY Observer. What we were doing was giving the community a voice and reflecting the community. Today on the Atlantic Yard Report, Norman Oder notes that Armer and other dismissed members purposefully did not align themselves with the most vocal opponents of the project. Instead, Oder notes, he “participated in numerous meetings of the Brooklyn Borough Board Atlantic Yards Committee, cordially raising some worthy questions…He spoke courteously, even ponderously, in testimony to the Empire State Development Corporation.” What an embarrassment.
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  • Finally some real justice!


  • This will hardly cloud Markowitz’s “legacy” (after all, do Brooklyn Borough Presidents actually have legacies? How many people – without first rushing to wikipedia- can recall the name of the Brooklyn Borough President from, say 1973 or 1960? – I rest my case!). This is yet another example of how the inability of AY opponents to forge relationships has come back to haunt them. Bottom line: if you anger influential people, be prepared to pay the price.

  • yeah, ‘legacy’ sounds kinda important for a city position (boro pres) which has very little real authority or power. and Community Boards are basically advisory too. Sounds like squabble between 2 factions that have little say in matter anyway.
    And, Mr. B., you omitted the cause of the riff with this group and Mr Archer – that CB6 was only community board to draft a ‘resolution’ (symbloic gesture) condemning the AY project.

  • we will remember the collaborationnists

  • This stuff is UNBELIEVABLE!!! CROOKED, CROOKED, CROOKED! This shady charactor is your borough president! And now people here are defending Markowitz and trying to tell everyone that this is insignificant. Every day lately I wake up and wonder what this world is coming to.

  • Is it simply the eminent domain issue that makes people so crazy about this project? Why no hysteria about all the upsizing on 4th Ave? It is the exact same infrastructure issues. I think I need to set up Develop Dont Destroy 4th Ave, get a couple of celebrity spokespeople, a press conference and make it seem as if many people far and wide, when in reality it is just NIMBYs, think these projects are an absolute travesty to America’s favorite Borough.

  • These people were only helping the ones who lived in the vicinity of AY. I bet some of the board members actually do live close to AY. They don’t care for the rest of Brooklyn. They never did. So much money wasted for a stupid battle.

  • Not defending Markowitz. I just think people are wasting time, energy, effort on him when his office has very little power in the matter other than a cheerleader.
    The power is in mayor, ESDC, Albany, etc.

  • yes, that’s right, blame the NIMBY! deflect real issues. use your misdirected muscle to hide real problems! 4th avenue is not using gobs of taxpayer money to fund an irresponsible development that relys on political favors and eminent domain. keep trying though, maybe someday you’ll grow some integrity.

  • Marty’s a joke. Someday a slightly bigger fish will get hungry and he’ll disappear too.

  • That’s wrong. I don’t care if he has a legacy or not, I don’t care what else he’s done for the borough. It’s wrong.

    And the idea that this kind of crookedness is somehow justifiable, no matter what side of the issue you’re on, is sad. I agree with corrugated. How can people tolerate this? Where do people get the idea that dishonest politicians abusing their power is ok? Just because Bill O’Reilly thinks it’s ok to bully people and lie to achieve political ends doesn’t mean that it is. Where’s your sense of decency?

  • I think that the articles cited that Yassky has a part in this as well.

  • Thank goodness Marty isn’t the Attorney General. Otherwise, this would constitute an Alberto Gonzales move.

  • now that’s what i call ATLANTIC YARDS EFFECT!

  • Some of those folks on the community board have served since the Civil War, Some new blood is a good thing.
    Why should that diminish anyone’s legacy? On the contrary, shaking things up is what we need more of in the old boro. Marty should do it more, not less.

  • Why can’t they relocate the STADIUM to Redhook, Coney Island, Brownsville or East New York? There are perfectly suitable sites in these neighborhoods for a project of this nature. Why is it so selfish for me to say that I don’t want this project in my backyard?

  • i agree 10.25 as i was about to write it myself. this is a lot like alberto gonzales. appointees who never lose there positions, lose them because they dont agree with the administration. markowitz time should be over, he never met a developer he didnt like. that said we all know he will be re elected. and before you all say im a nimby i supported atlantic yards on some scale but not the size it is now.

  • 10.34 #1. first of all the Stadium is an Arena. know the difference? a stadium holds 50-80,000 plus people. example yankee, shea, giants stadium. an arena holds 15-20 thousand people. so stop calling it a stadium. the location is perfect for an arena ,whether you want to argue the rest of ratnerville belongs might have merit. does red hook, brownsville etc have the 1,2,3,4,5,6 trains. n,d,q,r trains and the LIRR below them. so now tell me that your alternatives are better. so in a word you are selfish.

  • here’s hoping Marty gets hears some boos at this year’s philharmonic in Prospect Park.

  • I think no building in Brooklyn should be taller than 60 feet. Brooklyn is about low scale. That’s what makes it so appealing to so many. We should do everything within our power to preserve Brooklyn’s low scale character.

  • serously, what about the up-zoning of fulton street, I don’t want highrise buildings next to my historical house, I’m goign to start develop don’t destroy fulton ?

  • I agree that it is time to get some new blood in the CB6. I do not agree with all of the recommendations that CB6 makes but I felt like their assessment and criticism of AY was fair. There are plenty of members of the CB6 that I would not mind replacing but Jerry Armer is not one. I have been to open CB6 meetings and Jerry Armer is fair, smart, hard working, an excellent leader and most importantly, he listens to what the community has to say and courageously represents them on the community board rather than kowtowing to the politicians. Shame on you, Marty.

  • It is funny how you always have to explain to selfish people why they are selfish.

  • 10:08, 10:11, 10:23, 10:34, 10:44 and 11:03 all prove my point.
    All this venom wasted on boro pres when those that really have say in matter get no mention or wrath whatever.
    Quit wasting your breath on someone in nearly powerless position. Make your case to Bloomberg, Spitzer, your and albany reps.

  • Do you do you know why they call it “politics”? Because its political.
    Anyone serving in any capacity at the pleasure of the boro pres, or the governor or the president is well aware of that. Only employees in the “civil service system” are exempt from politics and are barred from taking part in any political group or demonstration.

  • I’m not directly affected by AY, but I have wondered if perhaps it would be better in some of the other neighborhoods that 10.34 mentioned, not out of NIMBYism but because those areas need economic development more so than the area currently proposed for the project. I do agree with 10.42 about the transportation issues, though.

  • 10:42, you’re a moron! those locations (CI, RH, B and ENY) are indeed better because: (a)it will provide a much needed economic boost to otherwise depressed areas; (b) provide nearby residents with jobs and easy access to work and stadium events; and (c) the stadium will be located close to player’s homes, family and friends.

    Lastly, its a STADIUM as it will house well over 30,000 spectators and host events on at least 300 days a year. The traffic will cripple the entire area and drunk pedestrians will run amuck and wreck havoc on our beautiful neighborhoods. We saved these neighborhoods and now Ratner and Marty are trying to destroy everything that we’ve accomplished over the past ten years. Even worst, the tall skyscrapers in AY will cast huge shadows across FG, CH and PH! Without adequate sun light, gardens, windows and planter arrangements and trees will die throughout the entire impact zone. And mark my words, the AY Effect is very very real and area homeowners will all go bankrupt as their single largest asset dwindles to zero!

  • I think people are so weird about new development in Brooklyn. It is as if they think they live in some sleepy village in the Berkshires or the Adirondaks only with subway service. Brooklyn is the the most populous boro, and if it were an independent city, it would be the fourth biggest in the country. It is not a sleepy village.
    I call the syndrome Archiphobia.

  • 11:34, I am someone who lives in one of the neighborhoods you mentioned above, and I and none of my neighbors have any desire to have a stadium in my neighborhood. I do however have a desire to have a stadium in Park Slope so that I can be sure to throw my empty beer can on your precious sidewalks as I make my happy drunken way too and from the games.

  • Ok so I think is time for the loosers to move out of Brooklyn. Don’t let the door hit ya! 😀

  • 11:34 That’s a bit dramatic. Don’t you think?

  • Basketball players and their families and friends don’t live in Park Slope? Why not?

  • (:>, he who laughs last laughs best.

  • nice work 11:34 you’ve convinced me!

    no not really…more hysterics please.

  • Agreed, 12:07. For some reason beyond my understanding, AY opponents love drama and rely heavily on it, even though it’s gotten them nowhere. Their fight is more about catharsis than effectiveness.

  • The reasn why the community has not gotten further in their attempts to modify the AY, and I think there has always been some built-in “give back” in the proposal, is because they act like loony-birds.
    Who is going to take anyone seriously who says that a sports stadium built on top of a regional transportation hub, is an evil, corrupt, powergrab that will sink the boro into darkenss forever? Loony.

  • Marty is trying to kiss as much powerful a$$ as he can because term limits mean he is out of a job before too long. He’s trying to stay alive and is no idiot. When he needs a new gig, its not the board members who have any leverage to get him one, its the bloombergs, the cuomos, the ratners. So rah rah Marty could care less about his precious boro, he is worried about having enough friends in high places.

    This really has nothing to do with AY, but I know all these armchair developers, architects, urban planners love to hear themselves talk. Time will tell people.

  • if i may, this story isn’t about atlantic yards. this story is about people being removed from an independent city agency for having a difference of opinion with the person who appoints them. although only advisory (and any number of other criticisms), community boards should have the autonomy to express their opinions and the opinions of the residents and businesses in their districts without fear of retribution. borough president’s should appoint people who will make the effort to inform themselves about the issues and take action, not just a bunch of people who agree with him or her. i would say that marty should be ashamed, but he proved a long time ago that he has no shame. i didn’t think that my opinion of him could sink any lower but he keeps surprising me.

  • Basketball players would be much more comfortable working and living among their own kind in Brownsville or ENY. Plus, there they could serve as proper role models and inspire young men to clean up their acts, stay off the streets and get an education and decent job. You see it makes perfect sense for everyone. Urban youths get their STADIUM, sports stars and jobs, and we get to keep downtown Brooklyn safer, quieter and cleaner. Everybody wins.

  • the basketball players will be in PS, alright – walking with Beyonce from OPP along a thriving Vandy Ave, through some newly created greenspace, playing their game in a state of the art arena and having a post-game cocktail back on Vandy and putting their head down ona a pillow in a penthouse with views of Prospect Park, NY Harbor and Manhattan – Jason Kidd may be wise to stick around.

  • 11:34 you are a crazy one. I don’t think the window boxes Prospect Heights will all die from lack of sunlight because sun does not come from the north.
    You can’t deny that if they were to build an arena in Brooklyn, AY is the best spot – it’s all about transportation options not helping neighborhood citizens walk to their jobs. Get real.

  • Yankee stadium, for instance, is only serviced by a couple of trains, and it does just fine. why does Ratner’s cash cow need all the trains? no reason at all. this Ratner money grab should be sited somewhere else, somewhere that needs development. that is a fact.

  • Why do you people think that Brooklyn will even support a basketball team? It can’t. We lost the Dodgers because Brooklyn is not a sports town and would not support the team. The same thing will happen with the Nets. When the team inevitably suffers financial ruin and moves out, what will fill the gaping hole? Nothing. The STADIUM will shut down and become a beacon for all sorts of criminal elements and activities. Furthermore, it will become an eyesore and drag down everything around in. Independent studies have already shown that a basketball team and STADIUM would not succeed in Brooklyn. Brooklynites will not support this team. The STADIUM will never sellout and I predict will have the lowest attendance record in the NBA. Ratner will lose his entire investment on this deal simply because he’s trying to put this team in downtown Brooklyn. He should keep it in New Jersey. I’m sure the players would feel even more comfortable in Newark then in Brooklyn and that city would support them.

  • welcome to the feudal society of lords and robber barrons.

  • I agree 12:50. Ratner doesn’t need to locate the STADIUM near a transportation hub. As long as there a 1 or 2 train lines and multiple bus routes, fans will be able to get to and from . That’s why Coney Island would be a great choice. It will instantly revitalize the area and provide economic incentive for other business to relocate to the area. I also think that it makes perfectly good sense to relocate the Brooklyn Detention Center to Coney Island too.

  • They should relocate Ratner to the Brooklyn Detention Center.

  • victory awaits.
    enjoy your little laugh-fest guys. Make sure you have a bucket nearby because the tears are on the way.

  • They’re rebuilding Yankee stadium, have you seen the plans? it looks a little like the old Ebbets field, how nutty is that? But the old Yankee stadium was built in the heart of the Bronx, near the boro hall and at the foot of the Grand Concourse, they did not build it in some backwater.
    Two subway lines service it and it is on the Major Deegan Expressway. The idea in Brooklyn was not to build a new expressway but to locate the stadium on a mass-transit hub that connects it with the rest of the city and Long Island. New Jersyans just take the PATH and then a subway. Makes a lot of sense really.

  • This squabbling over ARENA vs. STADIUM reminds me of AY opponents’ silly quest to make a distinction between Prospect Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. A lot of energy channeled into something that amounts to a big fat zero in the real world.

    Again, I’ve noticed that AY opponents have shifted gears from predicting victory in court to predicting armageddon in Brooklyn. Why the shift, folks? I thought you were supremely confident that your lawsuits would prevail.

  • “the idea in Brooklyn” … who’s idea are we talking about exactly?

  • 11:34 is the sole reason why AY is being built.

    psychos like this with insanely assinine doom and scare tactics (most of which are false) caused the entire opposition to lose credibilty.

    thanks, 11:34. and yes, i live in the area and no i don’t for one second believe that 90% of what you just said will be the case.

    as someone said, this is brooklyn, not the berkshires. wake up.

  • it isn’t the AY opponent(s) that are making the “predictions”. It’s one singular, individual citizens. Leave the sensationalism to me (okay); you guys should know better by now than to dabble in hyperbole.
    Don’t ascribe my nuttiness to DDDB, NoLandGrab or any other entity. It’s just a lone citizen voicing his opinions. Now whether they are true or not, only time will tell.

  • 11:34 Here,

    Brooklyn didn’t support the Dodgers? Talk about revisonist history!

  • Call me oldfashioned but I believe the borough president serves brooklyn, not just Ratner. We have enough moral and fiscal corruption at the national level. Marty sold us out. Massive development is not good for Brooklyn. Rational development might be – but no politician had the balls to stand up to fight for an appropriately sized development plan. Now we all pay the price.

    I truly pity the poor folks that sunk their savings into homes near this debacle. We’ll all suffer from increased congestion, pollution and noise, but owning a house near this is going to be hard on a lot of people.

  • Call me oldfashioned but I believe the borough president serves brooklyn, not just Ratner. We have enough moral and fiscal corruption at the national level. Marty sold us out. Massive development is not good for Brooklyn. Rational development might be – but no politician had the balls to stand up to fight for an appropriately sized development plan. Now we all pay the price.

    I truly pity the poor folks that sunk their savings into homes near this debacle. We’ll all suffer from increased congestion, pollution and noise, but owning a house near this is going to be hard on a lot of people.

  • one minor correction John, Latisha James has courageously fought against this debacle from day one. There might be others but she has had the leadership courage and integrity to question while others pandered like puppets.

  • Velmanette Montgomery also stood against the project.

  • I will not take the bait of the provocateur poster, it’s too asisine, but I will say that real dysfunction and nuttiness is often found at the city’s community boards. Far from being the sober, informed, jury of citizens that the law envisioned, it has become a dumbed-down waste of time for the most part. The city needs a new system of planning review that actually works.

  • dodger, I agree…let’s raise the monarchy; or even better, a dictatorship.

  • sorry 1:44, but i don’t agree that the people who bought around that area are the real losers here. most people who have bought in that neighborhood have spent 500K and up for a place and they’ll be just fine.

    if you want to worry about people, worry about somebody worthy; i don’t think the millionaires you are referring to need our pity.

    they can move, if they choose to.

  • Thanks for the comment, 1:30, but it doesn’t change the central point. Many of the prominent Ratner opponents are just as hysterical and unjarred as your 11:34 AM post. Again, that’s a big reason why they’ve failed so miserably.

  • 4th Avenue and the Gowanus Redevelopment have nothing in common with the Atlantic Yards. The former are important strategies for providing housing and reviving a under-utilized avenue.

    CB 6 has been an utter disappointment. They act like a bunch of spoiled children incapable of proposing a solid and realistic strategy for growth. Instead they invoke their constituents as a cover for not having a solid grasp development issues.

    As far as Letitia James… Had she been more willing to capitalize on the growth in her district… she could have done much more for the working class people she porportedly represents. Instead she confirmed that the WFP is detached from reality and fairly incompetent when it comes to sustainable governing.

  • RE: 10:47

    Get a grip, the rezoning calls from 6-8 story buildings along an active commercial corridor- NOT an interior residential street. There are TONS of examples or building in the middle of Fort Greene that are over 6 stories.

    The proposed Fulton building would have to set back after six stories so the top two stories will be harder to detect. And remember, 8 stories today is only about 80′, not like back in 1910 when 8 stories equaled about 100′.

  • Both Marty and the idiot who wants to replace him (Bill de bla bla) are vindictive bigots. Their only allegiance is to big money and the scum who have it. They both forget that it was all the little people who put them into office to begin with.
    I hope every one who is thinking of voting for either of these idiots, will now see them for what they really are – 2 faced, self serving scum.

  • Bill de bla bla


  • 2:39 PM, ease up on the hyperbole. Leave it to the AY opponents. If 1:13 PM’s “predictions” have any validity then you might want to update your resume and start looking for a new job.

  • So much time wasted bacause of these NIMBYs. This development will have been built already. So much wasted time for what? Now that I am older just imagine the nightmares when the construction of this mega project starts. I live close by so yeah I have to endure. Can’t wait till all of this is over. Maybe I can relax by then.

  • Just think what a wonderful world it would have been if Barron Bruce and Lord Marty had decided to include the community in some of the discussions instead of sealing the deal in a private back room.
    Now, you wouldn’t be ‘T.I.R.E.D.’, there wouldn’t be any eminent domain or out of context buildings and you guys would all be sleeping well at nights, just like the folks over by Forte, the Oro and the Avalon.
    Wouldn’t that have been a lot easier than battling the AY foes tooth and nail to the bitter end. Why do you even suppose that this will ever end? Remember, unlike Bruce, we’re not the ones with short-term memory loss.

  • “Barron Bruce and Lord Marty had decided to include the community in some of the discussions instead of sealing the deal in a private back room”
    WHEN will you people LISTEN? Markowitz can’t make any deals – borough president and boroughs don’t mean s**t legally.
    Mayor Bloomberg, whoever is sitting in Gov. chair, ESDC, other state authorities, etc make the deals — sign this or that.
    Marty/boro pres is nothing other than a public relations gimick.

  • But don’t you think that all the NY politicians have been briefed on Atlantic Yards by now to make an informed decision?
    Can we get a congressional hearing started?

  • 2:45,
    Gowanus and 4th Avenue redevelopment have a lot in common with Atlantic Yards, most notably that they cater to developers with big pockets and don’t take into account what is best for the neighborhood. The big disappointment are people like you invoke working class people and affordable housing as a cover for the base truth that this is all about lining your pockets with gobs of money. And if you destroy all these neighborhoods in the process, so be it. The disappointment is you my friend.

  • Yes – 3:52 is right – If you really want to lower housing costs we should ban big developers and large buildings which would should lead to less employment in the building and real estate industries which should help lower housing prices…And by banning people from making “gobs” of money, we will further reduce employment and incomes which will also contribute to lower housing costs.
    Then of course the resulting economic depression will result in a lower tax base for the city which should lead to a further decline in city services such as garbage removal, mass transit and policing…which of course will result in NYC being a terrible place to live and work and of course that will lead to even lower housing costs.
    In fact if we would just follow 3:52 advice fully we can probably get housing costs so low that people would probably just abandon certain housing which of course means essentially FREE housing for those that remained.
    You see how easy it is to solve the problem of affordability!

  • now the true, nutty hyperbolist emerges!

  • I’m tired of rehashing AY over and over, so I won’t, but this entry is a new low in the discussion.

    Excuse me, Anon 12:31, but “basketball players would be much more comfortable working and living among their own kind in Brownsville and East New York…..Urban youth gets their stadium, sports stars and jobs, and we get to keep downtown Brooklyn safer, quieter and cleaner.”????

    Well, turn back the clock, and call yourself George Wallace, Bull Conners or Strom Thurman, and let’s bring back the good old days of Jim Crow, segregation and apartheid! And people keep saying that you old racist dinosaurs are extinct.

    First of all, you obviously have not been to a pro basketball game in, say, 75 years, you certainly know nothing about the players that make up teams, or the people who go to games. I don’t follow basketball that closely, but even I know that today’s teams are made up of Chinese players, Croation players, African players, as well as white American players, and black American players, who are from all kinds of economic and geographic backgrounds, not just poor black kids from an urban ghetto.

    And while we are at it, the vast majority of people who attend games are white, upper middleclass suburbanites – check who’s stumbling out of MSG some night, it ain’t kids from Brownsville – they can’t afford the tickets. So your dream of a safe, clean stadium is not being ruined by “urban youth”, you need to look no further than in the mirror. You are right – we’d all be more comfortable with “our own kind” if that means not being around ridiculously archaic bigots like you.

  • David,
    Oh no… stop…David, really you flatter me too much. Lets do it your way instead. Let’s build up all of Brooklyn with high-rises and pack it full of people and lets not bother to think about the existing infrastructure so that we will all have to wait for 3 or 4 subways to go by in the morning before we can squeeze our way onto a car (just like it is in Williamsburg now); so that the BQE, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges moves even slower than they do now. Yes, lets line the sky with big tall buildings and make Brooklyn look just like Manhattan so that it looses all the charm that brought people here in the first place. Won’t this be a happy little borrow that we live in? Certainly the developers and politicians whose pockets are lined with “gobs” of money will be happy, because they will not live in Brooklyn anymore. And then all the people who came to Brooklyn looking because they loved its smaller scale will start to leave because they can’t get on the subway anymore and housing prices will start to drop, and then blah blah blah… Yes, your idea is just grand.

  • David, I doubt you ever cared about affordable housing a day in your life. But I would love to be proven wrong. What you consider affordable is what the majority of us (95% of the United States) consider to be luxury brand.

  • Is anybody following this?

  • Markowitz has always been a scumbag, sellout and a traitor. He’s a “cheerleader” only insofar as cheerleading will attract the attention of people who seek to purchase influence. And boy oh boy, this makes Markowitz and Ratner a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it). Markowitz has betrayed everyone, EVERYONE who ever voted for him and I sincerely hope that this dark, shameful chapter never ceases to haunt him. Seriously: He should never, ever be able to get past this. The voters of this city should hang Markowitz’s ass out to dry if he ever runs for another office. He’s unfit to be dog catcher in this city. FILTH!

  • Don’t forget the other politicians who brought us this mess. Kudos to Tish James and Velmanette Montgomery for having the courage to stand alone against the tide.

  • this is my favorite line of the thread!!!!

    Won’t this be a happy little borrow that we live in?

    BORROW!!! and we’re supposed to listen to what someone who spells BOROUGH like that????!!!!

    holy mother.

  • do you all realize how idiotic you sound? for those of you who have lived in brooklyn for any length of time…how much has brookly improved??

    100%? 200%?? i mean seriously. even compared to 10 years ago, brooklyn has gone leaps and bounds in terms of basic services, schools, amenities, SAFETY, the list goes on…

    say whatever you will about markowitz, but it’s pretty ignorant to say the kinds of things you are with utter disregard for all of the GOOD that he’s done as well.

    you people are insane. literally one of the most closed minded group of people in ny, i venture to say.

  • First of all please learn the difference between hyperbole and sarcasm.

    Who said anything about not worrying about the existing infrastructure – there is no better example of infrastructure utilization then the 4th Ave rezoning or the placing of high density development atop a rail and subway hub.

    What all you NIMBYs want is to keep everything as it was (on the day you decided you love Brooklyn). But it doesn’t work like that, nor is that fair to the people who cant find housing or a job under the current conditions.
    You live in this delusion that masses of people “came to Brooklyn” b/c they wanted “small scale” – this is total nonsense. Most people “came to Brooklyn” because the womb they exited was attached to a person who lived in Brooklyn (and many of those people don’t live in “charming” low density housing either); or because they wanted to live in NYC but couldn’t afford the same size/quality housing in Manhattan.
    Besides tons of neighborhoods are already protected by zoning and historical districts.
    No one is advocating bulldozing block after block of brownstones or other historical buildings – but what people are doing is developing the under-utilized tracts of land (especially those near mass transit) to provide housing, jobs and economic activity to current and future residents. Will that mean a more crowded train ride, or you losing your great view or the need for more schools in the future – yup probably so.

  • now if you could only forge public policy and design urban centers as well as you spell-check or proof grammar, we’d all be happy campers. Ever savvy blog reader knows that online chatter is rarely grammatically perfect. They dispense with the formalities of grammar; hence acronyms such as STFU (: >
    Incidentally, have you seen the new cingular commercial on t.v. (the one with all the acronyms)?
    Maybe you ought to go back to your borrow or wherever you came from. You contribute absolutely nuthin to the discussion.

  • “I truly pity the poor folks that sunk their savings into homes near this debacle. We’ll all suffer from increased congestion, pollution and noise, but owning a house near this is going to be hard on a lot of people.”

    I agree. FG, CH, PH and PS are doomed. We allowed Marty, Ratner, Bloomberg and Pataki to destroy our communities. We have only ourselves to blame. DDDB can not advocate on our behalf on their own. They need our financial support. I implore everyone to start writing checks and make a substantial donation to DDDB’s legal fund. Right now, we lack the resources to win this battle. Without you, Ratner horrific vision of Brooklyn will undoubtedly come to fruition. We must stop him now! Not only will his creation cast long and dark shadows across all of downtown Brooklyn, it will accelerate global warming through massive traffic congestion, the admission of green house gases and waste of vital natural resources. Because of 15 years of construction, our children will be threaten by significant health issues on the level of what transpired at Ground Zero!

    AY would better serve the community as a community park with space dedicated to arts and craft. Furthermore, part of the site would be used to establish an organic vegetable garden/food co-op with artists/volunteer farmers living in lofts on the periphery of the project. This is our vision for AY! AY should incorporate the interest of the community and aim to raise the quality of life of area residents. In its present form it’s slated to destroy us and everything that we hold near and dear. I repeat, the STADIUM should be relocated to areas such as Coney Island with the added perk that developers build more basketball courts in playgrounds and perhaps fund community workshops on “How to Break into the Music Industry.” These are real and beneficial programs for economically and disenfranchised people living on the outskirt of Brooklyn.

  • So you make fun of dyslexics? Do you make fun of poor people too? But seriously, Is that your whole argument? Is that the best you can do? Seriously? Nothing?

  • “What all you NIMBYs want is to keep everything as it was (on the day you decided you love Brooklyn). ”

    Now if that isn’t hyperbole and spin-doctoring at it’s finest, then I don’t know what. Keep spinning the lies that we’re all anti-development, etc. The one thing that unites all NIMBYs is that we’re against Atlantic Yards in its current inception and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a politician or group of law-makers with significant clout will have the courage to withstand bribery and corruption. And, before you begin your claim that I’m a conspiracy theorist, remember, it is you who throughout several threads on this blog, that suggested that all Bruce has to do to handle each is every road-block that pops up is to ‘pay’ the victims off. You even said at one point, sarcastically, no doubt, that Bruce has lowered the payments that he gives you per posting.
    Start looking for a new gig.

  • Ok so now that Brooklyn is going to be too over crowded and whatever your fears are, can you NIMBYs move out of Brooklyn already!!!

  • seriously.

    if you don’t like the new brooklyn, go set up shop in queens. thats the great thing about america. you can move wherever the hell you want.

    brooklyn is losing its industrial jobs and ay and coney island is one of primary things that will bring some back.

    unless you can create another new 5000 new jobs for those lost at domino sugar factory, red hook container port, etc, you should shut the eff up.

  • Thanks 5:17. The pro-AYers, whether paid PR firms or not, always try to paint people who try and downsize AY as being anti-development – very Karl Rovian. The truth is that everyone is pro development, but a lot of us want development that’s good for the developer AND Brooklyn, not just the developer.

    Usually developers submit an orverreaching plan. The community and community leaders then develop a compromise plan based on both developer profit and community need. In the case of AY, the second part of this process never happened.

    Whether due to political cowardice, incompetence, or corruption the simple truth is that a stadium the size of Madison Square Garden (with the same 200+ events a year) is being built alongside 6,000 apartments (more than Battery Park City) AND several hundred thousand square feet of retail space right on our doorstep. And all of this is happening without any real input from the community.

    15 years of construction, millions of tons of materials all being trucked through our neighborhoods 24 hours a day. We’re all going to suffer through the noise, pollution and congestion for as long as we live in Brooklyn.

    Am I a NIMBY? No. I just want development that benefits Brooklyn. In a democracy it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

  • I hear that the Bronx still affordable and it almost still looks the same. Go have fun in the Bronx while it last. That is, if you really want to live in NYC.

  • The saddest thing about this whole deal is that CB6 member Jerry Armer and a few of these other geriatric cases are being made out to be martyrs.

    It was long past time for some of these old gobstoppers to be gone from the Community Board.

    20+ years is enough. Thank you, Marty. How about another purge next year.

  • RD- They aren’t kidding- youth is wasted on the young. As in “young and dumb”. Maybe when you’ve spent 20 years of your life devoted to the community and have accomplished 1/10th as much in your lifetime, you can open your mouth and spout the sheer stupidity you have. All the while you pray to live long enough to become a geriatric case. In fact I think age and experience would be wasted on you too. When you don’t have brains, you can’t grow em. But then again you sound too shallow to understand what I’m saying anyway.

  • RD, no respect for age and experience? you’re a troll. Let it be said that I for one respect age, experience, democracy and ethics in government. Take your ageism elsewhere.

  • “I repeat, the STADIUM should be relocated to areas such as Coney Island with the added perk that developers build more basketball courts in playgrounds and perhaps fund community workshops on “How to Break into the Music Industry.” These are real and beneficial programs for economically and disenfranchised people living on the outskirt of Brooklyn.”

    Are you serious?!?!?

  • i just want to say for the people who keep calling the BARCLAY CENTER (all you NIMBYS get use to the name!) a STADIUM you are basically liars. in London there is wembley atadium which holds 80,000 people and wembley arena holds 15,000 people. madison square garden holds 20 K people. and the new BARCLAY CENTER in Brooklyn will hold 18 to 20 thousand people. Oh and by the way 11:34 who says the NETS will never sell out and will do terrible I promise when you cant get in to the basketball game i will scalp you a ticket.

  • This is such a waste of time, I’m ashamed of myself for even reading these comments.

  • just got home and saw 11:34 called me a moron. this has to be a complement from a person who writes “10:42, you’re a moron! those locations (CI, RH, B and ENY) are indeed better because: (a)it will provide a much needed economic boost to otherwise depressed areas; (b) provide nearby residents with jobs and easy access to work and stadium events; and (c) the stadium will be located close to player’s homes, family and friends”
    C is the best one, yeah all the players will be close to their homes in Crown heights, bed stuy,red hook and east new york. so let me get this straight, all the NBA players are black, born in brooklyn and of course with their millions in salary will continue to live in east new york to be near their i assume black friends and families. i surrender.

  • Our Boro President has doomed himself
    politically. What will he be next. I know he can work for Ratner as a spokesperson.
    I hate saying it, but fat body,fat head.

  • 5:17, you’re kidding, right? Because if your comment was anything but satire, then you seriously need some help!

  • One thing for certain- Marty is one of those people who plays to the press. He loves the limelight and now that it has gone to his head he wants power. Didin’t I see somewhere he is thinking about running for Mayor? And there was a time I owuld have thought that was a good idea. Being borough president gets your press, not power. They’re basically figureheads, so think how puffed up with his own importance Marty feels today? And how clearly he has demonstrated his contempt for the people of Brooklyn by not just putting out the welcome and step all over us mat, but making such an obvious a**-kissing I am here for you Ratty move only proves what a sellout he has become. What an embarrassment to Brooklyn. To New York. And I know his press office combs the media for him- I hope they are reading this thread. They could use a dose of reality.

    I had been involved with the Borough President’s office on issues in the past, and I had found Markowitz to be a caring, feisty guy who would go to bat for you and even answered his own emails. I am truly sorry to see what he has become.

  • I will vote for Marty Markowitz for mayor in a heartbeat! He is a man of business who thinks really well about what is best for the community in the long run. He reminds me alot of Bloomberg way of thinking. Just look where we are today. A sucessful NYC!

  • Just hold on now, someone said that Brooklyn didn’t love the Dodgers. You can talk all the crap you want children, but don’t mess with the way we felt about our Dodgers. You weren’t alive at that time, and you have no idea how we felt. Brooklyn was wonderful back then. Just because you don’t know the history of our boro, don’t
    distort the facts.
    It is now said that seventy nine percent of the people who live in Brooklyn weren’t born in the borough. If you want to know what’s wrong with Brooklyn, I
    would start there. I meet ex Brooklynites in my travels we all say the same thing, the boro has no heart.
    Why would I want to live amongst the

  • 9:22,

    Marty has “demonstrated his contempt for the people of Brooklyn”? Hardly. Remember that he has done many other things besides Atlantic Yards and once you leave the yuppie bubbles of Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, PLG, etc. Marty is beloved.

    I concur with 9:28. I, too, would vote for Marty and I have faith that many other Brooklynites would, as well. You just won’t hear about it at the Tea Lounge.

  • All of New York was beautiful in the forties.
    Brooklyn didn’t need anyone’s help in the fifties. We had it all. Of course we moved out and bought a big house in the suburbs.
    ButBrooklyn was beautiful. Eastern Parkway
    was gorgeous. We didn’t need anyone from
    the midwest to save us. Damon Runyon was from St. Lousis, but he was immediately made a citizen of all the boros.
    Most of you kids are one dimensional.
    You have no stories to tell. But let’s talk about how muxh your tiny house is worth today.
    It’s not that your house is worth so much more than it was worth in 1950,
    it’s the fact the dollar is worth so much less.

  • yes, $20,000 30 years ago.

    4 million today.

    must be the weak dollar.

    if you freakin loved brooklyn so much, why did you go buy a house in the suburbs????!!!!

    your comment sounds as if you’re on ludes.

  • This is a story about using nearly $2 billion in taxpayer dollars to benefit private interests for a project that will cost the surrounding communities dearly and benefit them little, and all this has been done in the absence of a real public discourse. I’m not anti-development, but the more I learn about this project, the angrier it makes me.

    Gowanus Lounge may have put it best: “The CB6 dismissals strengthen the belief that Mr. Markowitz and other supporters were unwilling to tolerate basic legitimate questions about the project’s impact on the community or an honest assessment of its public costs. CB6 did its job by raising questions and representing the community…. the CB6 Purge gets to the reasons that Atlantic Yards has had such a sadly divisive and deeply corrosive impact on Brooklyn politics and on civic discourse. One clear culprit has been the absence of real participatory democracy in a project that will impact the quality of life in surrounding communities for generations to come. Had the planning process not been handled as a top-down exercise, the outcome might still have been the same, but some of the bitterness and civic poison might have been diluted.”

  • Outstanding! The CB6 dismissals are a great thing. It was time to kick the old geezers out anyway. Those old farts should have no say so in Brooklyn’s future, especially one that must prepare the borough for an explosive population growth and expansion of major downtown Brooklyn business district. CB6 geezers don’t know a debit from a credit. They have never represented me or anyone one else I know. The only represented themselves, their families and close friends. Thank God that Marty had the courage to do the right thing – better late than never.

  • Ok that is it. I had it with Brooklyn. I am moving to the Bronx. I am sure I will be more welcome there than in the new Brooklyn.

  • 12:43, don’t Marty, Bloomberg, DeBlasio and all the other co-conspirators also qualify as being ‘old-geezers’. Why don’t we also kick them out of office. Would be good for the city, no?

  • 5PM, surely you jest. Not? Kick Marty and Bloomie out of office? Never. They represent the future of Brooklyn! They are taking Brooklyn to a place where the average townhouse in brownstone Brooklyn will fetch in ten years well over $6 million (yes, even in the far out fringe areas of Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and PLG).

    When you get down to the crux of the matter, this is the biggest reason why most of us living in brownstone Brooklyn do not support the crunchy granola anti-development hippie set (e.g., DDDB, NLG and “Oddly Oder”). We understand that they do not represent our biggest interest – our pocketbooks! Yes, this is still America and the almighty dollar STILL rules!

    Ratner, Marty, Bloomberg and Pataki sought to put more money in our pockets whether your white, black, Asian or Latino. They are simply accelerating gentrification which is the most impactful form of wealth redistribution in the entire history of this country! My African-American neighbor sold a house that she paid $30k for in the early 1970’s for $2.4 million in ’06. Because of gentrification (i.e., “white re-entry”) she was able to buy herself and her two children beautiful homes in South Carolina for cash!! Now that’s the American dream. All things come around in full circle. White flight from New York City during the ’60s and ’70s enabled her to purchase a home for nothing in the ’70s and now she is able to sell it to the same people who thought that it was worth nothing years ago for a mint today! I think that’s a beautiful thing! America….love it or leave it!!

    The money machine knows very well that Brooklyn is the new frontier and no one – either them or us brownstone Brooklyn homeowners – are going to allow some weed smoking hippies from the “silly sixties” to dictate our future and what’s in our best interest!!

    AY is totally going to take the nabes east of Flatbush Avenue to new heights. How can you have a problem with that?

  • Markowitz is receiving kickbacks for his support of the AY project just like the rest of the crooked politicians involved in this fiasco. Money talks – bullshit walks. Whaddya expect?