Holy Bull Market, Batman: 110 Livingston 85% Sold

If you’re David Walentas, you’ve got to be pretty pleased with how the sales process at 110 Livingston has gone. After great pre-opening buzz, the sales office opened last September and by early December The Daily News was reporting that more than half the units were spoken for. Then, on Friday, we learned that the McKim Meade & White-designed building is now more than 85 percent sold. 99 Gold it ain’t. Anyone know which units are left? Oh, and check out the side-less-photographed on the jump.
Condos Sales Strong at 110 Livingston [Brownstoner] GMAP


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  • Amazing. I worked there when it was the Bd Of Education – was a dump then, but the true potential of this building is just astounding. Great location.

  • I’m not surprised. Good location, great architectural pedigree.

  • fyi, on the west facade, the “pilasters” on the old part of the building are painted.

  • Hey, where did all of the comments from earlier go?

  • what comments? nothing’s been removed

  • wonder how much it costs to get the private rooftop ‘cabana’ … and does it come with the prerequisite cabana boy and/or girl?

  • There were about a dozen comments that are now gone.

  • If I remember the cabanas were about $125. No mention of boy/girl.

  • 125? no way, the most expensive was 100, that that was the high end

  • didn’t you know?? this site is notorious for having comments deleted that are not in line with the rest of the group…

  • Cabana was only $50K when I looked at a $835K 1100 sf 2bed/2bath facing Livingston.

    Does anyone else think the “crown” looks more like a warehouse that landed on top of it– especially form the back. Very disappointing!

  • I think this is a hideous building.
    Even good architects had their bad days, and now it’s topped off with that psychiatric hospital wing addition, blechh!
    in the middle of the municipal office district, double blechhh!!
    Convenient to jury duty and the transit museum I guess.

  • Actually, it’s convenient to everything–including the 9 subway lines that’ll take you to Manhattan in less than 5 minutes.

    You can hate the building all you want (the top addition is unfortunate), but to suggest the neighborhood is nothing but a municipal office district is moronic.

    The neighborhood is great now, and unless you live in a cave, you’re probably aware of all the development and changes in the area that will make it even better and more residential.

    The Board of Ed building’s a block away from Brooklyn Heights, two blocks from Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill. It’s nothing if not convenient.

    Oh yeah, and the Transit Museum is actually really cool.

  • Brooklyn Heights is at least three blocks away, three ugly blocks.
    It isn’t Brooklyn Heights, it isn’t Cobble Hill, it isn’t Boerum Hill, it’s the Civil Servant District, Get out of your cave luv.

  • “Brooklyn Heights is at least three blocks away”??

    You obviously don’t know Brooklyn at all, do you? The border of Brooklyn Heights is at Court Street, which is–wait for it!–ONE BLOCK AWAY.

    The northern border of Boerum Hill is at State Street, which is TWO BLOCKS AWAY. Look at a map before you write, moron.

    No one said anything about this building being in Brookln Heights, Cobble Hill, or Boerum Hill. Just that it’s very convenient to those nabes.

    Either you have a reading comprehension problem, or you’re just an idiot. Which is it?

    Oh, and don’t call me luv, you stupid fucktard.

  • Slow day for Brownstoner, eh?

  • This is a nasty blog.
    I’m outta here,
    You guys must all be desperate real estate agents.
    And I agree that 110 Livingston is
    in the middle of nowhere, between the
    municipal building and the courts and the jail.

  • I love the location. just bought there and couldn’t be happier.

  • hi

    my husband and i are looking to rent a one br at 110 livingston. please let me know if you have anything available to rent.

    many thanks!

  • the addition looks great in my view — very cool buildling.