Dumbo’s 133 Water Goes Rental

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were wondering aloud about when sales would start at the Scarano-designed 133 Water Street building. Now we have our answer: Never. Without any fanfare (or change in marketing banners), nine rental listings popped up on Apartments and Lofts’ website last week. Right now it’s a mix of one- and two-bedrooms from $2,700 to $3,900. This strikes us as a wise move. We didn’t think the building would do very well in the condo market given the stiff competition in Dumbo and the location right under the bridge. There are plenty of people who want to live in Dumbo but can’t afford to buy; renters also tend to be a little less discriminating about finishes and views than people who are contemplating committing their life savings. Has anyone taken a tour yet?
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  • Does this building have retail space?

  • What’s the going rate for rentals in Dumbo? The rent seems high. Anyone think these prices are going to fly?

  • a little high but will probably fly. weird thing about this is about 2 years ago I was told (byt a broker) the place was sold out before they even had to market it…hmmmm

  • $3,900 for a 2br in Dumbo? You can West Village and pay that.

  • The developers group was going to market the building when it was still supposed to be condo. I was contacted at least 2 times by a broker to gauge my interest in the building while it was going up (I had inquired about it previously). Then, nothing. I know of a few people who were interested (depending on pricing). That said, I’m not totally surprised it went rental.

  • I’d love to see that $3,900 West Village 2BR. Would that be the the eighth-floor walkup with the seven-foot ceilings or the place above the Pakistani restaurant featuring all stained-glass windows?

  • i agree with you realitycheck.

    i love it when people come on here and say you can get this for that, with absolutely nothing to back it up. most of the time the comparisons are so absurd they are funny like this particular example…

  • I know 2trees has a few rental building on Water st (the Jacques torres building for one) and a one bedroom goes for around $2800. I also know that the units are huge and all have the same touch he puts into his condos (large kitchen lights, island, etc). I also know the floors are warped, windows don’t seal properly, and noise bounces off every wall…so is 2700-3900 a bargain? maybe

  • it’s another grotesquerie in what was once a wonderful neighborhood.

    the dirty little secret is that it’s going to house the overflow from rikers (only kidding) but it does have a detention center vibe. super-ugly, as are most of the new high rises in the neighborhood.

  • I imagine that it will be creepy to live there with Manhattan bridge gawkers being able to look in. The rents are pretty comparable to what is available in the area.

  • Gawkers? Ever heard of window treatments?

  • Anonymous at April 10, 2007 9:14 AM,
    I guess you expect to live there with your shades drawn all the time?

  • good job ron , you a^^hole

  • Unless I’m walking around the house naked all the time, who cares if curious people sneak a peak. If they want to watch me eat, read a book, or watch Grey Anatomy… go right ahead.

  • The massive electric grid transformer station sign says something like no lost work accidents in 40 days, the huge public housing next door and the noisy elementary school were some of the reasons that I decided not to buy at this building, not surprised it turned rental.

  • Brooklyn is now the new manhattan. Because there are plenty of IDIOTS that have settled to pay these outrageous rents and mortgages. I never thought people would be that idiotic to pay so much $$$ to either live across the street or a few blocks away from the ghetto. Damn who is truly DUMBo!