Avalon Bay Coming to Myrtle, Sans Whole Foods

Although its been known for a while that Avalon Bay, the Virginia-based company responsible for the two large buildings at Houston and Bowery in Manhattan, plans to build a 42-story tower on Flatbush at Myrtle Avenue, the Brooklyn Paper this week unearthed some new details about the project. The $250 million “community” (as the developer refers to it) is still in the design process, so no renderings yet; we do know, however, that it will have 600 market-rate rentals atop a large retail space (which is unlikely to be a Whole Foods, according to the article). The triangular plot of land is just a block from the Flatbush front-runner Oro Condominium. (The news last week that men may be joining the fracas at the already troubled shelter for female drug addicts at 200 Tillary can’t be making any of the developers investing huge sums in the area very happy. Of course, if there was any truth to this rumor, it would make the developers very happy.) Work is expected to begin on the Avalon project in September (though it’s never too early to start closing off streets, as this photo from last Thursday shows) with a target occupancy date of March 2009.
Tall Tower, High Rents [Brooklyn Paper]
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  • It’s hard to believe what Myrtle Ave was like 10 years ago. No one would have believed that it would have changed even as much as it has so far.

  • Where’s the welcome wagon at?
    between the male drug addicts of 200 Tillary and the possible 1400 new inmates at the House of D, we’ve got it goin on in downtown B. Incoming!!!

  • fifteen years ago the cops used to call it “Murter Ave”

  • It was “Murder Ave.”

  • is this between flatbush and ashland?? wow. the area has been closed down for some time now. I’m assuming this will block the view of university tower apts? anyone have more deets? thanks…

  • hopefully there will be loads of great nail parlours, beauty supply and 99 cent stores in the new development. we havent got nearly enough of those where I live

  • I was trying to get the accent, more like “murdah avenue”
    (as in murder avenue)
    ah the good ol’ days!

  • Wonder if it will be sustainable in any way? Google “BedZED” and “Z-Squared” developments in London. Now, those are sustainable “communities” (more so than the Solaire or Visionaire in Battery Park, those are good, but not “green” enough in my opinion. They’re required by code to build-in some green features). And this AvolonBay one looks like another cookie cutter building to me.

    The ones in London I’m talking about are not just “green” – btw, which seems to be the new buzz word now. And by green I mean environmentally friendlier than most other buildings since they use a bit less energy (meaning less CO2 consumed in the process to produce that energy) and they use recycled materials, have cleaner air, more sunlight, etc. (Google “USGBC” or “LEED” to get the details). So, BedZED and Z-Squared I think are very much sustainable in a sense that they address economic, social AND environmental considerations. (Unlike the new “green” buildings here which simply build to minimum code, and charge market premiums for “cleaner” living. Marketing gimmick? Maybe. But I’d rather that developers do good things by building green even if for the wrong reasons.

  • 12:39, no–this is between gold and prince, on the north side. the south side of myrtle between prince and ashland will have buildings at a variety of heights, with some blocked views, certainly on the lower floors.

  • Thanks 11:36 – have any more deets on exactly what is coming?

  • 12:39, richard dattner is the architect … no images on his website yet.

    as i recall, four buildings ranging in height from six to 10 stories (or thereabout, this is from memory), plus two 400-foot buildings (one by same developer, the other by someone else) straddling demapped prince street, opposite the project that is the subject of this post. ground floor retail, including a supermarket and the return of the chain pharmacy. affordable units sprinkled through the lower buildings. i think that’s all i remember.

  • thanks 11:36 – will keep an eye out, as I live close by…