Bulldozers for Ward’s Bakery

ward's bakery
In a press release yesterday, the visigoths at FCR announced that 800 Pacific Street, aka Ward’s Bakery, had less than 100 hours to live. One of the most architecturally significant — and most easily adaptable — buildings in the Atlantic Yards footprint, Ward’s Bakery didn’t make the cut with LPC (politics, anyone?). Trying to save a little face with the preservationists and environmentalists, FCR announced that it would be recycling 75 percent of the demolished building materials. But as Donovan Rypkema, a specialist in preservation economics, said at the recent Historic Districts Council conference, “You’re a fool or a fraud if you say you are an environmentally conscious builder and yet are throwing away historic buildings.”
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Photo by Tracy Collins

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  • A fool or a fraud?

    Ratner is both.

  • it makes no sense to tear this building down to build a parking area- as is it could hold 4 times the cars – the parking is for all of the workers coming in from long island to work on the project-

    it’s just nuts really- if FCR is concerned with mitigating the negative effects of this development then keeping the streetscape intact as long as possible should be a goal

  • There is method to his madness-
    By tearing it down he eliminates the possibility of it being land marked or a “Cause Celebre”.
    Also it adds to his preconceived definition of BLIGHT. Which will only help in his illegal claim for Eminent Domain.
    What is most sad is that OUR Government would allow this to proceed knowing that its final decision as to the legality of this whole thing is years away.
    In effect he will – after the fact- create the blight to justify his illegal actions, and our Government will continue to allow it.
    If I am not mistaken there was once a Revolution around here due to Taxation without Representation.
    Why not Now.

  • Can you people please stop the non-stop bitching and moaning about crap like this and the stupid effort to landmark every bullshit warehouse and manufacturing building in Brooklyn? These buildings are not architectural masterpieces and were never conceived as such. What’s next? The landmarking of all the car repair shops that line Atlantic Avenue too? Give me an effing break already!

    Further, save all the “adaptable use” bullshit. It’s Ratner’s building and as long as he follows the letter of the law he can do whatever he wants to it. You think differently? Then why the heck didn’t you buy the building first? You guys are always complaining about something after the fact. Try being proactive for a change. Furthermore, put your damn money where you mouth is! You want adaptive use everywhere in Brooklyn then throw your hat into the development ring and cough up some effing dough. Otherwise, please STFU!

  • It’s funny how all the A-Holes who claim to be in favor of Over Development are ANON.
    As for the ANON who wants the rest of us to put our money where our mouths are. I have no problem with your premise. It’s your misconceptions that are the problem. People like Ratface don’t “PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THERE MOUTHS ARE”
    Their Money is safely tucked away in some offshore Vault. Untouchable to anyone but them. It is the Tax payers money that they are very free with.
    As for complaining “after the fact” – How about the fact that Mr. RatFace is NOW creating the blight which he used 5 years ago to justify his use of Eminent Domain. Or how about the fact that this Project will be in the courts for years to come and yet he is being allowed to proceed as if there is no question as to his legal right to do so.
    Finally – why don’t you STFU and do something good with your time.

  • Please delete above post
    I am in favor of free speech but obscenities have no place in a civilized discussion

  • Well I’m a taxpayer too and I say it’s okay to use my tax dollars to develop this area of Brooklyn that is, yes, blighted! Under no uncertain terms, I think that the use of ED and my tax dollars to build AY is more than justified.