Salvager: Brownstone Doors

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Finding a pair of front doors for your brownstone can be a difficult process, as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and, if you’re in an historic district, LPC will have to sign off on the change. The pair of oak doors on the left is 60″ wide by 84.75″ tall are $950 an available from Olde Good Things; the pair on the right is 57.75″ by 105″ and costs $3,000. Convincing Landmarks to let you have red doors? Priceless.
Pair of Brownstone Doors [Olde Good Things]
Brownstone Entrance Doors [Demolition Depot]

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  • Dang, it always happens to me that I immediately pick out the most expensive thing! I love those red doors.

    So is that the reason colors are so bland on brownstone doors? The landmark committee doesn’t allow color? That’s a shame. I don’t see how adding color is a problem. In fact someone should research if colorful doors weren’t pretty common in the early 1900’s.

  • Plus red doors bring good fortune!

  • psst, 12:01, you can get those black doors and buy a can of red paint for less than $2050. Better still, go to Eddie’s and pick up a set for less than half the price of the black doors! ūüėČ

    I didn’t know landmarks was so strict either. Makes me happy my block isn’t landmarked. I know all about the landmark snobbery on this board, but if I can’t choose my own door color, I’m just not happy.

  • Ha, 1:30, you’re right! A can of red paint and a set of other doors are far cheaper.

  • We could be wrong about the paint color but don’t think so…remember the pink brownstone in park slope that got so much attention a few months ago? the only reason the owner could paint it that color, we believe, is because it was basically grandfathered since it had been that color since before landmarking…

  • Well, they base color choices in our neighborhood on the 1927 tax photos. My door shows up black. But all red things show up black on black and white film.

    Landmarks is nuts and basically – as far as colors are concerned – are just plain WRONG. When I stripped my “black” door, I found PURPLE underneath.

  • Hilarious about basing color decisions on black and white photos! It was not unsual at all for houses to have brightly colored doors a hundred years ago. Sheesh. You think a group who makes decisions about historic details would be more informed than this.

  • Mr. B,

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that the infamous pink brownstone in the slope is not on a landmarked block…don’t think that would fly on a street near PPW.

  • Off the subject I thought some might find it interesting that store, Olde Good Things, is owned by the religious cult, called COBU, short for Church of Bible Understanding. I know some ex-members who’ve told me they lived communally and the leader keeps their money, paying them a meager allowance. A very dangerous group, no doubt.

  • witches and warlocks?