HOTD: Washington Avenue at 10% Off

houseThis swanky old-world house on Washington Avenue was an Open House Pick back at the end of July when it was asking $1,995,000. Evidently, there were no takers. There was another open house this past weekend and we’re interested to hear whether the new price of $1,789,000 has stirred up fresh interest. It’s sounding pretty good to us. Did anyone go check it out? Any skeletons in the closet?
Washington Avenue House [Aguayo & Huebener]

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  • Wow! Pepto-Bismol pink! With that detail, I could even learn to love it…

  • What’s the traffic situation on Washington?

  • Um, call me crazy, but maybe the problem is that’s an awful lot of money to pay for a one-family house in a market that’s turning.

    Beautiful, yes, but I suspect that $1.5–which is not quite poverty level–will fetch the place.

  • I dropped by a previous open house–great block, tons of lovely museumy details. It’s had the same owners for decades, which makes it special–unlike many old places, it doesn’t bear the scars of having been divided into apartments. Needs work in the kitchen and, if memory serves, the addition of at least one bathroom upstairs. Perhaps not the easiest place to put a price tag on, as it will work only for a very specific buyer, someone who wants that much space to himself/herself–and maybe an architecture buff.

  • I don’t have special feelings one way or the other about this house – though I love the nabe – but I used to live on Washington and the traffic is HORRIBLE. The trucks, especially early in the morning, are unbearable. MAYBE if all your bedrooms were in the back you could deal with the sound in the other rooms. But it is loud, really loud.

  • 1.5 would actually be a low for this place. The reduced price of 1.789 seems more reasonable than the nearly 2m original listing for sure. One factor that could pose problem is the 1 family set up. While beautiful, there is no rental income from a garden level apartment, for example. Then again, someone searching for a large single family might snatch it up. Hard to say without inspecting the place in person and seeing what’s it up.

  • It’s fine to talk of a flight to quality. That undoubtedly has a ring of truth to it.

    But two thoughts: In a market that is turning, quality like everything else gets redefined and priced lower. It’s just that the readjustment is less dramatic.

    Second, this board often exists in a bit of a bubble, in which architectural detailing is destiny. But in the Days of Olde (DO), quality housing meant beautiful house plus schools plus parks plus safety.
    If there’s just one or two of those factors (beautiful home plus park) then the potential exists for a big market discount. (Actually, I’ll amend that and add safety–notwithstanding recent problems, I don’t think Washington is a dangerous location. Or no?).

    Any, that’s my thought, or two …

  • I live on Washington on very the same block. (I have a view of this house)
    It is a nice block with a lot of greenery. Traffic is a moderate problem especially during morning hours
    There are few truck that cut thru the residential neighborhood illegally. I know for sure that Washington is not a truck route.
    They should not be going thru this block unless it is a local delivery.
    I am not sure what is the best way to fight this problem anyone has any experience? Number to call and complain?
    Anyway I like this block is quiet on weekends and evenings. It has more avenue feel with deep beautiful front gardens rather then small side street. I also think that set back helps with noise and give more privacy (especially for garden levels)

  • U got to be kidding in this market , no way. You must bid lower.

  • Absolutely, it’s important to realize how overpriced this offering is.

  • The price now sounds good to me. I think it will go barring any unforeseen issues/manor renovation items.

  • oops, “major” not “manor”

  • I can almost guarantee the people at 231 are away for the summer – they own a second house upstate. I suspect the tenants were gone too, because I saw them unloading a huge bunch of stuff from their car and dragging it up the stoop last week right after Labor Day. I can pretty much guarantee that it’s not empty and that there isn’t “anything going on with it” at all.

    FWIW, the people at 231 Washington were the UR “gentrifiers” in this area, encouraging preservation back in the mid to late sixties and were instrumental in getting landmark designation in Clinton Hill. Probably most of you would still be living somewhere else if it wasn’t for them.

  • I posted about this price drop last night on the forum because I was so surprised to see it. I saw the place last spring at an open house and thought it was wonderful, just not for me. (My husband calls this house “the mothball” for reasons obvious to anyone viewing it, but hey, it’s an old house! Take out all the creaky old furniture, put up some white paint and voila, gorgeous.) The details go on and on, even on upper floors. As I recall, there was even an original porcelain sink in one of the bathrooms, the kind that costs a bundle at an architectural salvage place. The mantles are gorgeous throughout. Kitchen was fine, really. Not modern or trendy, but a clean white country kitchen. Felt dark because it’s at the back of the ground floor. Backyard was also dark and didn’t have the openness of a mid-block yard, but most people wouldn’t mind that. I’m a sun freak.
    If this place doesn’t sell at the new price, I’ll be surprised, even shocked.

  • Malymis, others in this discussion claimed that the traffic is not that bad. I’m never quite sure what that means. Traffic is always a diseconomy for you and an economy for the trucks. My block it is “not that bad” either. I guess thats means relative to the BQE.

    Nonetheless rules are rules and for some reason the “broken window theory” has never been applied to traffic violators. The folks over at have had a piece on recently about video recording of traffic violators who are doing their violating in front of cops. The cops feel then compelled to do their job policing traffic that they should have been doing anyway. I am thinking about doing the same thing maybe for BCAT.

    You know almost 200,000 Americans have died in auto accidents since 911. Never forget.

  • im sure it is a very beautiful house,
    but that parlour is a weird pink colour.

    who owned the place Mary Kay??

  • Who cares what the color of the walls are? That is what a fresh coat of paint is for.
    Jeeze, can’t you look past the surface decor and see the bones and details of a building. Or is you imagination that limited?