Condos (?) at 324 Bedford Humming Along

We drove past this development at Bedford and South 2nd this weekend. When we moved out of our South 4th Street digs last Summer, this was just getting going. Mrs. B commented that at least they were doing something interesting with the windows. From the looks of it, the building will have some of the double-height ceilinged living rooms with mezzanine bedrooms that have been popping up elsewhere in the nabe. Anyone know who the architect or developer is or what broker will by marketing this? GMAP

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  • Nope.

    Hey, is anyone following those new State St townhouses? People here seemed to like them, but oh la la, they are expensive. And only one in contract?

  • I know the developer, a Hasidic guy, and he is developing around the corner on Grand st. too, but he hasn’t decided yet if it’s condos or rentals, so there is no broker or marketing firm yet.
    The architect is that “evil mastermind” Scarano…
    Will you change your mind now on the building?
    Just kidding man.

  • Well, we didn’t have much of an opinion to change. We’re not particularly moved in either direction on this one. Seems fine though.

  • i took pictures of the state st townhouses this weekend…click on my link.

  • how do you think state st townhouses will do now that they plan to double the size of the prison?

  • I saw the 14th street project last week, and they looked very nice, though smaller than I’d imagined. But looking at the plain stucco rear it looses a lot of charm, especially at those high prices. Hats off though for at least trying.

  • Oops, I mean 14 townhouses at State street.

  • I think so many modern projects (like State St) look so much better in the computer-generated image than IRL.

  • This and the other new buildings in that section of Bedford are among the better additions, context-wise. This one is a little to incomplete for final judgement, but the gray-brick one at South 3rd is looking good (I don’t like the set back from the property line, though). Likewise, the building that was completed a few years ago on the corner of South 1st has been a good addition too.

    Bedford (south of Grand) seems to one area where the quality of design is higher and the scale of the new developments fits in with its surroundings.

    The quality of design falls off significantly north of Grand – the Bricolage fedders box at the old Yabby sight is looking like all it shouldn’t be.

  • The one at the corner of South 3rd, is 342 Bedford, it has been mentioned here a few times, in the beginning it looked like a real ugly fedders box, but the developer has done a very nice job in finishing it, and he is already building another building on south 3rd St., right next to 342.

  • The second building on South 3rd was part of the same development site – maybe the developer split it off when he bought it. I have a cat from that lot.

    Same design, and the scale seems to fit there too – it transitions nicely from Bedford the flats on South 3rd.

  • whoops thats 342 bedford

  • At least you don’t have a rat from that lot. I guess that’s what the cat is for.

  • ps. Did you guys know that when Peter Luger was finally convinced by some needling health inspector to exterminate, its population of rats dispersed into the surrounding neighborhood, infesting everyone’s homes with the rodents. I just found this out from our structural engineer, who’d worked with the owners of Peter Luger back in the rat days.

  • Correct address is 135 South 2nd Street. Another Scarano Self-Certified Job.