HOTD: $755,000 Buy Land on Revere Place

ph bondThis 4-story turn-of-the-century house looked like a very interesting proposition for the money when we first read the listing, but that’s because we took at face value the claim that it was in Prospect Heights. But upon closer inspection, this clearly is not even just a stretch, it’s a complete misrepresentation by broker Bond New York. Isn’t this considered Crown Heights? Falling even further in our estimation, Bond has also failed to provide any interior photos (Argghhh!) so we don’t have a hell of a lot to go on. All that said, the architecture’s not bad, the block’s decent (so they claim) and it’s sticker price is only $755,000, so we think it’s at least worth a look. The 3,900-square-foot place definitely will need a lot of TLC, we just hope it hasn’t been completely stripped of any charm on the inside. The big swing factor, in our opinion, is what the immediate neighborhood is like.
Revere Place [Bond NY] GMAP

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